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:::   Special Report 4 TSC went to the Republic of Honduras to assist small-scale coffee farmers

Special Report 4 TSC went to the Republic of Honduras to assist small-scale coffee farmers

       The climate conditions in Honduras are quite suitable for coffee tree plantation. Honduras is already the largest coffee producer in Central America and sixth largest coffee in the world. When President Tsai visited Honduras this January, she was very impressed by the rich and mellow taste of Honduran coffee, characterized by its non-sour, non-astringent taste with a light fruit flavor. In Honduras, more than 350,000 households have invested in coffee industry, and most of them are small-scale farmers. With the same spirit and experience in assisting Taiwan’s small-scale farmers and young farmers, TSC participated in the coffee investigation tour organized by State-owned Enterprise Commission, MOEA in September 2017 and went to visit the high-altitude coffee production area to experience the process and hard work of hand harvesting with the small-scale farmers to understand the local coffee planting conditions and the taste of coffee so as to select the most suitable coffee beans for people in Taiwan.
       To provide the enjoyment of the top coffee and to deepen cooperation and exchanges with our diplomatic ally in South American, through the coordination and assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, TSC will work with domestic enterprises to promote the high-quality Honduran coffee. On October 13, the press conference entitled “Cafe hondurenotriunfa en Formosa” was held, and the Ambassador Rafa Sierra, Deputy Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jose Maria Liu, MOFA's Department of Latin American and  Caribbean Affairs Deputy Director General Han Chih-cheng, Vice Chairperson Wu, Fong-Sheng of State-owned Enterprise Commission, MOEA, and Chairman Charles Huang of TSC gathered together to make handmade coffee, announcing that the Honduran coffee imported by TSC would be available at the end of the year and by then, people in Taiwan can enjoy the stunning supreme coffee from the Republic of Honduras.
       The Honduran government attaches great importance to small-scale coffee farmers and has provided assistance through relevant organization and established a monitoring mechanism to ensure the quality of coffee cultivation and processing. With TSC’s import of Honduran coffee, TSC can provide more positive assistance to the small-scale farmers under the Honduran government’s existing measures to increase production equipment for plantation and processing. Sales channels are also increased and activatedto enhance these coffee farmers’ quality of life for them to provide higher quality and more stable coffee.TSC will also set up an office in Honduras, and will carefully evaluate the cooperation and exchanges of other agricultural products with Honduras. At the same time, TSC also invited domestic coffee companies to work together to promote Honduran coffee to not only assist small-scale coffee farmers in Honduras but also deepen exchanges and relationship between Taiwan and the Republic of Hondurasin terms of agricultural trade.

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