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Employee Health Management

       We attach great importance to the health and safety of our employees and conducts general health checkups for our employees in accordance with the Regulations of the Labor Health Protection which is better the prescribed period. Averagely each employee receives health checkups at least every other year. For those engaged in special health-risk operations, special health checkups with items prescribed in the Regulations of the Labor Health Protection would be arranged every year and the managed hierarchically. If there is any abnormality in the report, the employee would be informed and follow-up checks would be conducted. At the same time, we also hold regular medical disease prevention lectures.
    To promote the physical and mental health of our employees, we encourage our employees to participate in health checkups at their own expense. In addition to giving them paid leave for health examination, each employee is also given subsidy of up to NTD 12,500 for it. In addition, to take care of the practitioners’ physical and mental health, all units are asked to actively promote employee assistance programs, and a counseling center is also established to help the employees relieve spiritual stress. The health center at each unit provides health consultations and arrange health education lectures. In 2017, the ratio of employees participating in health checkups in the past 3 years reached 100%. The records of their physical and health examination results are analyzed, evaluated, managed and encrypted for storage. In addition, we also held 18 health education lectures to enhance the employees’ health-related knowledge, with a total of 1,105 participants. 

      By upholding the concept that the talent is the most important asset of the Company, TSC has been committed to the development of a healthy and friendly workplace, planning a complete physical and mental balance measures and also organizes many parent-child activities. In addition to the basic safety and health protection (employee health checkups every other year), basketball courts, badmintons courts, tennis courts and walking trails are established in the Company for the employees to train their bodies for health. Employees are also encouraged to establish sports associations to set autonomous training. In 2017, TSC held 9 sessions of TSC CUP Sports Competitions, including basketball, tennis, tennis, bowling and other sports, with approximately 700 participants. Employees are also encouraged to actively participate in sports competitions and outdoor activities with their families, such as the Tainan Mayor Cup badminton competition, slow softball activity held by Jianan Recreational Activities Report, MOEA, billiard competitions, and hiking activity at Nanyuan Farm. Through these activities, it is hoped that the employees can maintain a healthy body and also form a cohesion among the employees and win their family’s sense of recognition.

Infectious Disease Prevention Measures

       In addition to cooperating with the government in the disease prevention efforts (such as workplace sterilization and flu vaccination), the Company would provide information to and organize health education activities for the employees in the disease-spreading seasons and areas with Human Resources Department. In 2017, in order to prevent the spread of the dengue fever epidemic, all units continued to carry out cleaning of the environment, with a total of accumulative 21,855 patrol checks of clearances, removed accumulated water in 11,686 container, cleaned 10,982 dirty spots and 3,599 ditches or back ditches, disinfected 626 spots and removed 3,193 tons of waste, working on eliminating breeding environments for disease-caused mosquitoes supplemented by spraying insecticides, with a total of 59,358 person-times participated in the mosquito elimination actions.

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