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Message from the Top Management

      With the intensified global climate changes and more frequent occurrence of natural disasters, more attention has been drawn to issues like the lack of food and the deterioration of ecological environment. In addition, due to the extended lifespan of humans and the increasing needs for disease prevention, health-related problems have also become one of the most concerned issues. Therefore, green economy and health-related industries have become a development trend, and to respond to the global industrial development trend as well as to strengthen the dynamics in domestic demands, the government has also promoted the Five Plus Two Industrial Innovation Plan in an attempt to enhance the vitality of the overall economy.
      Taking into account the overall industrial development trend, TSC has set the vision of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in the health and green industry in the Asia-Pacific Region” based on its abundant land resources and experiences in large-scale agriculture, livestock breeding, and agriculture and livestock processing, and is actively working on the industrial distribution and transformation. The methods are detailed as follows.

Promotion of Green Concept Business and Circular Economy

  • Green Energy
TSC makes use of the fermentation of pig manure and urine in its livestock farms for biogas energy or power generation and also plans to apply the self-construction, cooperative operation and land leasing models for the installment of solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities to implement the government’s green energy policy. In addition to the installment of solar PV panels on the roofs of the operation bases, under the premise of the coexistence of agriculture, forestry and energy, we have made assessment of the feasibility of the coexistence of agricultural production and solar power generation as well as the afforestation and solar power generation under the guidance of the government.
  • Circular Economy
One of the final characteristics of circular economy is “zero waste”. Through the inventory of its internal and external resources, TSC has worked actively toward the goals of waste reduction, zero emissions, carbon reduction and the creation of added value by strengthening the recycling and reuse of resources. What is currently being worked on includes the use of whole hogs, recycling oyster shells for the reprocessing into feed and food additives, Taisugar’s Circular Village (Shalun Smart Green Energy Recycling Residential Park), reconstruction of pig farms with circular agriculture and the management of water resources and energy conservation in factories.

Promotion of New Agriculture

      The government promotes new agriculture with the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness in agriculture to ensure the safety of the agricultural environment and reinforce the production and marketing capabilities so as to construct high-quality agricultural management conditions. To meet this end, we started from the existing foundation of agricultural management. In terms of the sugar industry, we strengthen the sugarcane nursery, establish field information and develop high-value sugar products. In terms of Phalaenopsis, an advanced management system of production optimization was introduced to strengthen the fit of production and marketing. In addition, the planning of special agricultural zone is also strengthened. Through the cooperation with young farmers, we can provide technical assistance and establish a production and marketing platform with production certification to create a win-win situation.

Promotion of Health Business

  • Health Food for Senior Citizens
First, the development technology and experience of the existing health food serve as the basis for the enhancement of the innovative research and development. We target at common chronic diseases in Taiwan and development health food based on the concept of “prevention is better than cure”. At the same time, special nutritious foods for the daily dietary needs of the senior citizens are also developed.
  • Green Ecological Tourism
The existing business units and the ecological habitats are used with the introduction of the concept of circular economy for the construction of a multi-functional park with purposes of education, green ecological maintenance, research, culture and leisure health.
  • Care for Senior Citizens
Priority is given to cooperate with government policies to provide land for the establishment of welfare institutions for the elderly. Secondly, investment in the construction of the highly functional and diversified residential houses for the senior citizens is evaluated to enable the senior citizens to live in peace and with dignity.
  • Safe and Eco-friendly Agriculture
TSC comprehensively promotes environmentally friendly farming, cooperates with farmers, provides the lease of agricultural land, construct special areas for organic farming, and promotes the use of organic fertilizers. Therefore, in addition to reducing the environmental impacts, safe agricultural products with production history can also be provided.

Land Activation and Utilization

      Land is not only the advantage of TSC bus also the foundation of our business development. In terms of land activation, in addition to giving priority to business investment, we also cooperate with the government’s Statute for Industrial Innovation to assist with the development of the industrial park or release land to be used for the commercial area, development of special trade area or construction of social housing. In addition, TSC also plans to build and sell or lease houses on its own. Currently, TSC is actively evaluating the feasibility of operating residences for the senior citizens. Moreover, the diversified utilization of understory of the reforestation flat land is also under careful planning.
      In addition to the promotion of new businesses and activation of land, TSC also positively works on the optimization of its existing physique, including talent cultivation, organization adjustment, management of responsibility goals, update of production equipment in the factories, and acceleration of cooperation and investment with the outside world. Moreover, an image of excellent quality corporate is also important. Community care services, assisting the government to stabilize the supply and demands of livelihood materials and supplies, making efforts for environmental protection and maintenance of natural resources are all the goals TSC has been making efforts to achieve.
      Despite the difficulties and obstacles TSC encountered in the process of new business promotion and transformation, such as the agrivoltaic farm that merges solar farm with the traditional working farm and the pig farm wastewater treatment incident, we still adhere to the practice of continuous improvement and facing the public in an honest manner to solve the difficulties and misunderstanding step by step. It is expected that through the information disclosure in this sustainability report, the general public can have a better understanding of the efforts and contributions TSC has made and give us their support and assistance.

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