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2018 Sustainability Results and Recognitions

Strongly secure information security with the internationally certified ISMS (Information Security Management System)

TSC won the 2nd place in the Drawdown Ecochallenge

Three employees were awarded MOTC Model Civil Servants and Outstanding Employee in 2018

Obtained the first Renewable Energy Certification (REC) for Biomass Energy in Taiwan

Our Xiaogang Lab obtained the TAF accreditation of ISO/IEC17025

System Verification of Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS) in November, 2018

Awarded CommonWealth’s Corporate Citizenship Award-CommonWealth Top 50

Awarded the HRD & Management Award in the 45th International Conference of Asian Regional Training and Development Organization, International (ARTDO International)

Awarded of “TCSA’s Taiwan Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Report Rewards- latinum
Award in the Traditional Manufacturing IndustryCategory” and “Comprehensive Performance inthe Traditional Manufacturing Industry Category”

Awarded BSI (British Standards Institution; BSI) Excellence in Sustainability Award

2018 Sustainable Management Performance

2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance
2018 Sustainable Management Performance

Economic Aspect

Economic Aspect
TSC was affirmed the long-term "twAA-" short-term "twA-1+" ratings by Taiwan Ratings, outlook stable. The rating among global debtors in financial constitution is rated as "extremely robust" while its rating in management and governance is "satisfactory".
In 2018, taxes and fees paid to domestic local and central governments amounted to NTD 4,403,011 thousand, with a decrease of 2.68% over 2017.
In 2018, the results of the self-assessment of the performance appraisal of the Board of Directors (Functional Committee) showed that among the 52 items of assessment, 52 of them were rated as "excellent", with the overall rating of “excellent”.
In 2018, the Board of Directors reviewed a total of 218 cases that included political, economic, environmental and social issues.
In the handling of various types of procurement tenders, 100% of the business partners have been notified of anti-corruption policies.
A total of 31 sessions of anti-corruption training and advocacy exercises were organized in 2018, with 1,702 employees participating and the total costs invested totaled approximately NTD 192,758.
In 2018, intellectual property output included 1 invention patent.

Environmental Aspect

Environmental Aspect
The tissue culture bottles used for Phalaenopsis seedlings were all recycled, with the recycling rate reaching 100%.
The 2018 power generation from the solar PV system was 4,157,783 kWh, a 204.5% increase compared with 2017. 
In 2018, TSC utilized agricultural waste resources for power generation, and the green power generated was approximately 340.1471 million kWh
In 2018, the total power generation from green energy and renewable energy amounted to 344.3049 million kWh, reducing 190,744.9 metric tons of CO2e
18.56% of the pig manure slag produced in the livestock farms in 2018 was reused by the farms.
The total green procurement rate in 2018 was 99.57%
TSC is devoted to the implementation of the concept of circular economy, and the waste processing amount in 2018 decreased by 3.53% compared with 2017.

Social Aspect

Social Aspect
In 2018, TSC assisted various local groups where the operation bases are located with a total of 173 public welfare activities, including educational & cultural activities, sports activities, activities for the elderly and for people with disabilities, and other emergency assistance, with subsidies of approximately NTD 7.51 3million.  
In 2018, TSC cooperated with the government in stabilizing the hog price by providing 28,800 hogs to regulate the hog market.
The total planting area of non-GMO soybeans in 2018 reached 105.2 hectares.
In 2018, the organic rice verification area reached 103 hectares and organic fruit and vegetable verification area reached 58 hectares.
As of December in 2018, the total afforestation tending area totaled 12,286.4 hectares.
In 2018, there were no violations of product health and safety, service information and labeling, marketing communications, and voluntary codes.
100% of TSC's food products are included in our own Food Safety Traceability Management System (FT).
The score of customer satisfaction survey in 2018 was 94.35 points.
In 2018, there was no incident of infringement of customer privacy and loss of customer data.
100% of swine slaughterhouses are reviewed by animal humane systems. In 2018, it complied with animal and aquatic animal transportation, handling, and slaughter regulations. There were no violations of laws and regulations and voluntary standards were also observed.
In the 2018 internal inspection program, the on-site inspection of 26 internal units were completed.
In 2018, the percentage of new suppliers meeting the selection criteria was 100%.
The ratio of employees in the Company being protected by the collective agreement reaches 100%.
In 2018, the average training hours for each physical course and online course were 55.81 hours and 2.24 hours respectively, and the staff training expenses totaled NTD 43,664,136.
In 2018, we cooperated with the National Disaster Prevention Day to organize earthquake disaster prevention education and emergency evacuation drills. 50 sessions were held in total and 3,402 participants attended the training and drills.
In 2018, a total of 8 sessions of occupational safety and health-related education and training were conducted and 555 people were trained
In 2018, the rate of the number of employees participating in health examinations in the past three years reached 100%. In addition, 20 lectures on health education were provided for employees’ health protection with 1,179 participants.
In 2018, the sales of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products in our Taisuco shopping malls amounted to NTD 59.47 million.
During 2017 and 2018, a total of 2,005 people participated in 36 beach cleaning activities, cleaning 7.25 tons of waste.

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