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Circular Agriculture and Animal Husbandry and Remodeling Plans for Livestock Housing

     To cooperate with the government’s policy goals to develop green energy and circular economy, TSC expects to invest NTD 10.74 billion to remodel 16 livestock farms into modern livestock housing by 2021, transforming traditional pig farms into new green livestock housing that takes into account resource recycling and reuse as well as environmental protection, changing the negative impression of polluting animal husbandry industry into an “eco-friendly space, green pig farming and green energy industry”. Pig farms with negative pressure ventilation and water curtain are constructed at the original site of livestock farm or near it, and with the introduction of animal welfare and the two-stage off-site breading modes of batch management and two-stage offsite breeding which greatly reduce the horizontal transmission of diseases. This not only improves the overall breeding efficiency and productivity but also takes care of environmental protection.
      In the rearing of pigs, 100% of the pigs raised and sold were LYD hybrid pigs (LYD stands for Landrace, Yorkshire, and Duroc). As of 2018, the number of pigs bred was approximately 217,088. The remodeling is scheduled to be completed in 2021 and full production in 2022, with an annual output of 500,000 hogs.

Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm

      Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm is TSC’s first green pig demonstration farm, combining negative pressure ventilation and water curtain, biogas power generation and solar photovoltaics, with the goal of biogas power generation of 7,000 kWh/day and 1.5 million GWh/year. The landscape greening of the whole farm is expected to be completed, and environmental education combined with the attractions and local specialty and characteristics introduction and tourism planning.
      Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm will introduce modern systems, including systems for ventilation and odor reduction, automatic feeding and water regulator, pig manure and urine collection system and public facilities of power supply system, water supply system, reclaimed water system, rainwater recovery system, sewer collection system and drainage system. The mortality rate of pigs is expected to be reduced to 2%, effectively increasing production capacity by 20% and more, reaching 42,370 pigs/year, and total water consumption was reduced by 83%. This farm is scheduled to start its trial operation in July 2019 and reach full production in 2020. 
      In addition, the establishment of the biogas energy center and sewage treatment facilities can help with treatment of pig manure and urine inside and outside the farm, wastewater and agricultural waste in the neighborhood can also be disposed. It is planned to treat 200 tons of pig manure and urine inside and outside the farm as well as external agricultural waste, and 200 CMD of domestic sewage and treated biogas slurry in the biogas center.  

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