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Labor Structure

      TSC has no foreign employees. We hire employees based on professional competence and experience, and all the employees are protected by the Labor Standards Act. The ratio of male to female employees is approximately 6.7:1. However, there is no differential treatment or discrimination in terms of employment, salary, performance appraisal and promotion due to gender or marriage status.
      According to Article 5 of the “Regulations for the Employment of the Personnel of Business Units Affiliated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs”, personnel dispatched with rank 6 or above are called dispatched personnel; those who are employed with rank 5 or below are called employed personnel. In addition, for the needs of the business, for specialized or technical personnel with special business nature, it is possible to hire them in an open manner. Employees with rank 6 or above are contract-based personnel, the ones with rank 5 or below are contracted personnel. A joint examination is established based on medium and long-term manpower planning and the manpower needs of the respective units to recruit new employees, those who are enrolled will be assigned to the units in need of manpower for adequate jobs. The distribution and composition of TSC's staff in the past five years are as follows.
Male:Dispatched personnel 1,328 people;Employed personnel 1,722 people;Contract-based personnel 19 people;Contracted personnel 29 people。
Female:Dispatched personnel 266 people;Employed personnel 116 people;Contract-based personnel 6 people;Contracted personnel 74 people。

Hiring and Caring for Disadvantaged Groups

      In order to protect equal employment opportunities for disadvantaged and related ethnic groups, we have complied with the relevant provisions of People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act and Indigenous Peoples Employment Rights Protection Act in the employment of physically and mentally disabled persons and indigenous peoples. The Company now employs 33 aborigines (accounting for 0.93% of total employees) and 122 people with disabilities (3.43% of total employees) in compliance with the employment regulations. There has been no report of infringement of the aborigines' right in the Company in 2018.

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