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Remuneration and Benefits

      TSC is a state-owned enterprise. Based on relevant regulations, the bonuses for employees are distributed at a reasonable rate depending on the unit performance and the employees’ contribution. In 2018, the starting salary of new recruits through the joint examination of state-owned businesses of the Ministry of Economic Affairs was NTD 36,982 and that of the self-employed personnel through independent exams was NTD 24,206. The salary of new recruits is higher than the local (Taiwan) minimum wage. The ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women and men in the same department, seniority, position and rank is 1:1. The ratio of TSC’s highest annual personal income to the median annual income of all employees was 2.38. The percentage of the Company's highest annual total salary increase is consistent with the median percentage of other employees' average annual total salary increase. The salary was adjusted in 2018 with an average increase of 3.2%.


      TSC providing basic protection for employees, in order to strengthen the implementation of employee welfare programs in the affiliated units, and handle the planning and implementation of employee welfare issues. A harmonious working environment is therefore created by the perfect welfare system. For related welfare items, please refer to the CSR Report.。

Nursery Benefits

      There is no difference regarding parental leave without pay due to gender, job titles and work areas. Both male and female employees can apply for parental leave without pay. In 2018, 12 employees (2 males and 10 females) applied for parental leave without pay and 5 was reinstated (1 male and 4 females). One of the male employees resigned after the reinstatement in March 2018, and the four females continued their work after the reinstatement in 2018. In 2018, the male retention rate was 50% while the female retention rate was 100%.

Improved Retirement System

      TSC handles retirement, compensation and severance in accordance with the “Regulations Governing the Pension, Severance and Survivor Payments for Employees of State-owned Enterprises Administered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs”. The pensions contributed are deposited in the special accounts of the trust department of the Bank of Taiwan. The Employee Pension Management Committee and the Supervisory Committee of Business Entities’ Labor Retirement Reserve are responsible for management and supervision. Workers who choose the new system according to Labor Pension Act contribute 6% of the salary. In 2018, the ratio of the Company's retirement pension contributed to the salary should be 4.19% for the employees and 0.26% for the workers, which complies with Labor Pension Act.
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