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Stabilizing Prices

Cooperation with the Government in Stabilizing Prices

      The Company is a state-owned business and serves as the function of assisting the government in stabilizing the prices of pork, sugar, cooking oil and other large-scale staple merchandise. 

Stabilizing hog prices IIn July, 2018, TSC worked in line with the policy and increased the supply of 9,800 hogs.  
In August, 2018, TSC worked in line with the policy and increased the supply of 9,400 hog in response to the market demand on Ghost Festival.   
Stabilizing salad oil prices TSC works in line with the government policy of stabilizing prices. Large-packed salad oil maintained the lowest market price and the retail price of small-packed salad oil (less than 3 liters) has not increased since December 31, 2010.
Stabilizing sugar prices   The price of domestic large-packaged sugar is calculated every day and the price is announced before 08:00AM every day; the retail price of the small-packaged sugar has remained unchanged at NTD 36/kg since September 16, 2010.
Stabilizing toilet paper prices   In 2018, due to the rise in prices of international pulp, toilet paper manufacturers attempted to raise prices, causing the public to stock up toilet paper. TSC has set up a “promotion (parity) zone for toilet paper” in accordance with the official letter from the Executive Yuan to enable the consumers to purchase toilet paper with no worries.  
Purchase onions In 2018, the price of onions in Pingtung collapsed. TSC ‘s hypermarket spent NTD 300,000 buying onions to help onion farmers and increased the selling rate of the Farmers’ Association.

Taking Care of Sugarcane Farmers

      To cooperate with the government in taking care of sugarcane farmers, TSC ensures the price of NT24,878 dollars/ton to purchase sugarcane sugar and to fulfill its strategic task of stabilizing the supply and demand of the domestic sugar market, and also subsidizes for the transportation charges of the raw material of sugarcanes, the cane garden fire insurance fees, the purchase of bait and the eggs of corcyra cephalonica (stainton) as the materials to feed Chrysopidae to function as a pest control. In addition, TSC also provides low interest-rate loans with a monthly interest rate of 0.25% (simple interest method) to assist sugarcane farmers in financing for funds needed in the production process, stabilizing the economy in the rural areas.

Agricultural Policies to Stabilize the Balance of Production and Marketing of Domestic Agricultural Products
      To cooperate with the government’s agricultural policy to stabilize the balance of the production and sales of domestic agricultural products, TSC handles the affairs concerning the lease of land for the cultivation of regulatory crops in accordance with the “Coordination between Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan and Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Lease of TSC-owned Land”. In 2018, the area of farmland leased in cooperation with the policy to balance production and sales was 2,476.34 hectares.

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