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Whole Pig Sugar Cane

Whole Pig Utilization

      The Whole Pig Utilization Project is a 12-year project, starting from January 2017 to December in 2028. The whole project includes Whole Pig Utilization 1.0 which focuses on hog carcass grading, processing of remaining parts, recycling waste such as excreta and non-edible parts; Whole Pig Utilization 2.0 focuses on the refinement of port, the high price of pork, and development of products for medical use will start; Whole Pig Utilization 3.0 aims at passing the SPF certification and applying the tissues and organs to the development of biochemical materials.
      The actual performance of the Whole Pig Utilization 1.0: revenue: NTD 10,795/per pig, gross profit: NTD1,079 /per pig, and gross profit margin: 9.96%.

Whole Sugar Cane Utilization

      Through the redesign of products and process, value is added to the by-product of sugar refining, sugarcane bagasse, for the reuse of it, seeking new value of the sugarcane industry and opportunities for the development of green industries.
      TSC has worked with Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, and it has been proved that semi-mature composted bagasse with good quality along with the formula from Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute could replace 50% of the pleurotus eryngii mushroom waste sawdusts, and the mushroom harvest weight is 20~30% more than PP bags of pure sawdust. Therefore, it is planned to provide bagasse to mushroom farmers after semi-mature compost to make PP bags to reduce the economic pressure on the mushroom farmers while increasing the harvest of mushrooms. Moreover, we also try to make use of the biogas residues produced in the livestock farms with our unique agricultural waste (bagasse) and rice straw, and after the composting process, the combined materials are used in the mass production of high-priced Portobello mushrooms.

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