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Ecologically Sustainable Farms

      A sustainable farm is to be established in Chinshang Pastoral Farm Resort with a vast of area of rich grassland resources and animals like cattle, sheep and chicken. Currently the hardware and process of the rotation grazing, aquaponics, compost production, black soldier fly breeding, the deep litter have been initially set up, and the process optimization is continued. The application of extracting essence of Mosquito Wormwood has achieved initial results, and DIY activity for Mosquito Wormwood essence oil will be designed to make circular use of weeds as usable resources. We actively contact local NGO groups or young farmers for the discussion of feasible and mutually beneficial cooperation models and for organizing seasonal themed events such as the farmers’ market or food and farming experience. The Circular Agriculture Workshop was held on December 17-19; extension course of circular agriculture and Farmers’ Market event were held on November 15-17, 2019.

Rotational grazing on the farm

     Narrow the scope of herd activity, and the cattle dung is stepped and dispersed by the cattle, increasing the fertility of the pasture grass and the amount of grass eaten by the cattle, and this not only increases the weight of the cattle but also reduces the costs of supplementary feed.

Crop Symbiosis

      A compost site is set up next to the chicken house in the resort, the litter material, kitchen waste, fallen leaves, fallen branches and weeds are used as materials, and the compost is then used for pasture, vegetables, melons, and landscape trees.

Vegetable Garden with Eco-friendly Farming

      Sheet mulching made of sawdust, cow dung, homemade compost and haystack is used in the vegetable garden, with the plantation of repellent crops and irrigation of fish pond water containing fish excrement, nitrogen and ammonia while no chemical fertilizer is applied.

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