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Energy Resource Management

Statistics of Energy Consumption

      In 2019, the energy consumption within the organization was 7,296,449.214 GJ, and the energy intensity was 0.28 GJ/NTD 1,000. The energy intensity in 2019 was an increase of 7.69% compared with 2018, which was mainly because that the overall revenue reduced, leading to the increased energy intensity.

Water Resources Management

      In order to properly use water resources, TSC is committed to the enhancement of water management and wastewater recycling. In addition to introducing new technologies that have been successfully applied at home and abroad, TSC also actively promotes the recycling and reuse of wastewater to reduce the impact of wastewater discharged on the environment, and we also continue to improve the effectiveness of water conservation to reduce the consumption of water resources. According to the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas of the World Resources Institute, all areas in Taiwan belong to Low – Medium (1-2). All the TSC operating bases are not set up in national or international protection areas, and the water intake is from the legal water resources authorized by the government, having no significant influence on water resources. The used water from TSC is legally discharged to the sewage system or approved water body. The quality of discharged water meets the effluent standards required for various industries by law.
      In 2019, the amount of water intake was 14,810.17 million liters, a 2.66% decrease compared with 2018, and the water intensity increased by 9.80% compared with the previous year mainly because the rainfall in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan areas increased by 177.5 mm, leading to the decrease in the use of surface water bodies and groundwater body for irrigation. The water intensity increased due to the 11.41 % decrease in the revenue. Water consumption in 2019 was 12,665.08 million liters.

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