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Water Pollution Control

      In accordance with the Water Pollution Control Act, wastewater (sewage) generating units shall have wastewater treatment procedures and obtain approval documents of water pollution prevention and shall be sampled and analyzed by qualified testing agencies in accordance with the prescribed schedules. Regular reporting shall be done on the website designated by the EPA, and all the wastewater (sewage) discharged shall meet the effluent standards without significant impact on water resources. The amount of wastewater discharged in 2019 reduced by 6.03% compared with 2018.

Wastewater treatment process of Animal Industry Business Division (Pig Farms)

  • The wastewater adopts secondary aeration treatment system.
  • In 2019, Animal Industry Business Division initiated the application for the reuse of the wastewater in the farm, and 10 pig farms (Waipu, Huwei, Douliu, Annei, Nanjing, Lucao, Shanhua, Xincuo, Silinfan and Da-er ChangPig Farms) were approved for the reuse, with the accumulative amount of 179,677 tons of reclaimed wastewater. Other livestock farms will apply for it in 2020.
  • To cooperate with the EPA’s project to use biogas slurry and residues as farmland fertilizer and the cases of reuse of agricultural waste, as of 2019, the biogas slurry and biogas residue irrigation of 49,118.86 tons were approved in four farms (Nanjing, Liujicuo, Silinfan and Da-er Chang) and one session of 6,792 tons of liquid waste for the irrigation of agricultural land (in Douliu) was implemented, making good use of biogas slurry and residues to increase soil fertility while reducing discharged wastewater in rivers for pollution reduction.
  • Wastewater discharge standards: BOD: 80 mg/L, COD: 600 mg/L, SS: 150 mg/L.
  • All the livestock farms of the Animal Industry Business Division entrusted qualified inspection agencies to conduct sampling analysis every 6 months in accordance with the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law. Regular reporting shall be done by filling out the animal husbandry wastewater (sewage) test declaration form on the website designated by the EPA, and the declaration is handled through network transmission.
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