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Occupational Safety and Health Management System

      In order to promote workplace safety, prevent accidents, improve working conditions and safeguard the health of employees, the Head Office, the units and their subordinate units meeting the conditions prescribed in Article 10 of the “Regulations for Management of Occupational Safety and Health” all established the Occupational Safety and Health Committees. Members of the committee include safety and health managers, full-time nurses and members in different areas within the organization, of which 45 are from the Head Office and representatives of trade unions or those elected by the labor account for more than one-third of the total number of members. there are 29 employers’ representatives elected by various units and related departments, 15 employees’ representatives elected by the TSC Federation of Labor Unions and 1 nurse. Through the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, the management review meetings or relevant meetings, worker and employee representatives are able to participate in the consultation and related issues concerning Taiwan’s occupational safety and health management system and be provided with timely information. Supervisors at all levels should reduce and remove barriers of obstacles to consultation to enhance the mutual participation between the labor and management to promote safety in the workplace.

      The Occupational Safety and Health Committee reports, coordinates and offers advice on the quarterly results of occupational safety work, changes in the external environment, occupational safety and health policies and self-management plans. It will discuss improvement measures for environmental conditions, equipment and operating conditions. Through regular meetings, the policy of TSC Labor Safety is communicated and the opinions between representatives of labor and management are exchanged through the Health and Safety Committee to prevent occupational disasters and to protect occupational safety and health.

      In the collective agreement draft, the Company and the TSC Federation of Labor Unions agreed that the Company should handle safety and health issues in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other relevant regulations and carry out occupational disaster prevention in accordance with government regulations. The trade union members should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the rules made by the Company to prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards. In the collective agreement draft, the percentage of health and safety related topics is about 7%.

The Functions of Occupational Safety and Health Management Information System
Item Description
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Establish a platform for risk assessment based on projects or accidents and routine work for each department.
Contractor Management The projects contracted by all units and documents for contracting management are required to register online for the daily management.
Industrial Safety Reporting and Management For emergency and incidents (including natural disasters), all levels of units can be immediately notified through this system.
Occupational Disaster Management Industrial safety or pollution in all units can be notified through the system.
The System of Occupational Disaster Statistics The occupational disaster statistics regarding employee workplaces entered online by each unit, contractors, traffic accidents and industrial safety environmental performance indicators are calculated and output automatically.
License Management System All employees with licenses for industrial safety and the number of HS licenses required will be managed online and the licensees will be notified of on-duty training period by email beforehand.
Health Management The employees' general health checkups and special health checkups will be managed online. The employees who do not undergo the checkups will be notified by email before the next inspection time expires.
Industrial Safety Inspection The platform for sharing the management of each unit, inspection content for industrial safety and improvement measures.
Database Management Industrial safety information, industrial safety reporting, regulations regarding industrial safety and the platform for sharing documents about industrial safety.

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