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Increase of Innovation Dynamics

      Bio About 85% of the chemicals available in market are made from non-renewable resources, and with the population growth, globalization of the supply chain, the lack of resources, and the increased raw material demands and mining costs, the EU proposed the target that 30% of chemicals to be made from bio-renewable resources by 2030. TSC’s core technology and equipment of microbial fermentation is the necessary tool for recycling of resources in the process of biological refining (the process of biomass to be converted to other products through thermochemistry or biochemistry).
      Moreover, TSC has the advantage of agricultural resources. The waste produced by all business divisions can be used as bio-refined raw materials that can be used as materials for the production of food, health products, cosmetics, and even medical supplies. This not only increases the value of the misplaced resources but also serve as a big step toward the goal of zero waste. In terms of the achievement, TSC has developed the shampoo product made from pork bile, the Smooth Amino Acid Shampoo, which was granted the Product Innovation Award in the 2019 Taiwan Circular Economy Award.

Research and Development Committee

      In order to pursue sustainable innovation with higher quality and service, TSC has set up a research and development business management and control organization of the Research and Development Committee whose chairman is the president with 2 deputy chairmen, 19 to 35 committee members, 1 executive secretary and 2-3 secretaries. Its main tasks include the development of R&D policies, R&D budget management and implementation, research program management, the application and follow-up of R&D results. Through regular R&D business integration meetings, various units involved in R&D can quickly resolve issues and problems they have faced, coordinate R&D resources across units and improve research energy.

Taiwan Sugar Research Institute

      Taiwan Sugar Research Institute is divided into the Biological, Chemical and Engineering Groups responsible for technology development, and the Industry Information Group for scientific and technological management planning according to the task attributes. The three technical groups are set up in accordance with technical expertise and perform cross-disciplinary and product development tasks through close cooperation among the groups. The Industrial Information Group provides research-related services such as industrial information, intellectual property management, market research and technology transfer. It also acts as the Research Institute’s window of contact with internal and external units of TSC.
      There were no cases of infringement of other patents or intellectual property rights at TSC in 2019. In 2019, intellectual property output included 2 invention patent, 7 SOPs of the process and 4 technology transfers of the business divisions.

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