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Overseas Investment

      TSC continues to deepen and expand its overseas investment and cooperation with our allies. To strengthen the current overseas bases, we continue to strengthen the supervision of the investment target, Vietnam-Taiwan Sugar Co. Ltd. In addition, we also keep a close grasp of the Vietnamese Government’s policy for sugar industry and information of the domestic needs for local sugar industry to expand our production capacity at an appropriate time. Furthermore, the current business performance of the Tai Viet. Agribusiness Company Limited is improved based on local production and local sales, seeking investment opportunities to expand the operation scale in Vietnam.
      For highly developed regions such as Japan, the United States and Canada, we have established production bases and channels for TSC’s orchids which enjoy international reputation globally. Therefore, we will continue to deepen the existing overseas markets, accurately grasp the market information, actively reduce the costs, focus on the strains meeting market demands and seek opportunities for profits. Furthermore, a team was formed with the collaboration among the diplomatic, agricultural agencies and the industry to plan suitable high-quality orchid species for special orchid exhibitions presented in a way combining Taiwanese culture, art and stories based on the local market needs. The exhibitions will not only increase the orchid marketing markets and brand exposure but also promote the international competitiveness and sales volume of domestic orchid industry.

Assessment of New Southbound Investment (Assessment of Investment in Indonesia Sugar Industry )

      New Southbound Policy has been one of the important policies of the government. As a state-owned enterprise, TSC should assist the government in the implementation of related policies. Located in Southeast Asia close to Taiwan, Indonesia is a great investment target for the short distance from Taiwan and the convenience in investment management. In addition, the similar climate and customs as well as the similar management of agricultural farming, along with the lower production cost and easy access to land and materials all make Indonesia one of the best choices for TSC’s sugar investment.

Working in Line with Foreign Policy to Promote Collaboration with Allies

      Honduras is an important country we have diplomatic relation with. Honduran coffee is imported to Taiwan for sale through trade. In addition, a joint investment model with Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co. Ltd. is evaluated for to expand the international supply chain of agricultural products (such as avocado) from contract farming and integrated production and marketing. Coffee is an important export commodity of Honduras. Based on the consideration of overseas agriculture and humane care for coffee farmers, TSC directly purchases coffee from smallholders in Honduras and cooperates with domestic companies to bring excellent Honduran coffee to people in Taiwan and give back partial of the profits to projects to enhance the smallholders’ production technology and quality of life in Honduras. Purchases from smallholders and marketing activities of the project will continue from 2018-2022 to establish TSC’s Honduran coffee brand and consumer groups. To maintain friendly relations with our ally, the government has planned investments for TSC to assist Paraguay in establishing a production and business model of Phalaenopsis seedling.

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