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Beach Cleanup and Protection

      Over the past decade or more, the situation of the ocean drifts surrounding Taiwan has become more and more serious. According to the data of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) released by the Society of Wilderness, around 70% of the marine debris was related to food and drink. The top four drifting objects found in the beaching cleanup activities in Taiwan include plastic bags, straws, takeaway cups and disposable tableware. In 2019, there were 322 beach cleanup activities in Taiwan in total, with 18,318 people participating, cleaning 37,157 kilograms of marine debris from a total length of 72.73 kilometers.
      TSC initiated the “Beach Cleanup to Guard Taiwan” and adopted the Aogu Coastline in Chiayi and the Coastline along Wangung Fishing Port in Changhua for a 2-year beach cleanup in 2017 and 2019 respectively. During these periods, the rotating units were mobilized for the beach cleanup every month to maintain the cleanliness of the environment. As of 2019, TSC had organized 46 beach cleanup activities, mobilized 2,325 people to pick up the trash along the coast and cleared 9.41 tons of waste in total. TSC will continue the beach cleanup activity to set an example for others to follow, aiming at evoking the corporate social responsibility to invite other enterprises to jointly protect the marine ecology and further to promote the sustainable development of the environment.

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