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TSC with IMPCT to the Promotion at Honduras Building School Projects

      Since the introduction of special highland smallholder coffee from Honduras at the end of 2017, the coffee has been well received, and the smallholder coffee farmers were substantially helped. In July, 2018, TSC worked with an international social enterprise, IMPCT in the Coffee For the Future Project and promoted TSC’s Honduran Smallholder Coffee with its story, and part of the income from the coffee trade would be directly given back to the coffee plantation area in the construction of high schools in the remote areas to pass love to the next generation and jointly build future for children in the remote areas in our ally.
      The opening ceremony of the first school, built in a community called Los Izotes in Tegucigalpa City in the Province of Francisco Morazán, was on August 26th, 2018, and the school can accommodate 40 students at most. The school started operation in March, 2019, with 26 students aged between 12-18 enrolling in the school. In addition to providing teachers, teaching materials, aids, books and stationery needed, through the course of Community Young Leaders Development Plan, students can pay part of their tuition by community service working hours such as discovering community problems and providing assistance and finding solutions, which further positively affect the lives of about 200 households in the community. In 2019, TSC and IMPCT cooperated again in the construction of schools in a community called Chaguite in the Province of El Paraiso and one called Las Delicias in the Province of Francisco Morazán, and both are scheduled to be completed and operated in 2020.
      To promote Honduran smallholder coffee in a more diverse way, in addition to the distribution channels related to TSC, we even cooperate with Taiwan High Speed Rail to launch the “TSC Honduran Highland Smallholder Coffee” available on board. In July, 2019, TSC’s first Coffee Truck officially made its debut, carrying the great essence of Honduran coffee to spread the fragrance to all around Taiwan. Let us work together to help Honduras located in the other end of the earth to light up the lives of the smallholder coffee farmers and the future of the next generations in Honduras.

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