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Message from the TOP Management

    The year 2022 was still a year of turmoil and changes as the COVID-19 epidemic persisted. As the vaccination got popularized, countries changed from holding an attitude of vigilance and fear to one of coexistence with the epidemic in terms of policy making. The business opportunities of the rapidly emerging “metaverse” developed because of the isolation policy for epidemic prevention are still growing, yet the outbreak of Russo-Ukrainian War caused shortages in the production and supply of international bulk commodities and European energy crisis, and there was also the transfer of international supply chain triggered by the geopolitical risks. On the other hand, the resolution of COP27 (the 27th UN Climate Change Conference) raised the hidden concerns about the insufficient carbon reduction, yet it reached a historic milestone by establishing the Climate Justice Fund. Taiwan has declared to conduct transition into net-zero carbon emission in terms of energy, industries life, and society based on the two major bases of technological R&D and climate legislation. These industrial trends and policies are deeply affecting the operations of TSC. As a state-owned enterprise, we takes the lead in turning crises into opportunities for its sustainable management.

●Shared company resources to jointly go through difficulties

    The epidemic, supply chain shift, climate change, and war are all impacting the supply of energy and resources Continuously, causing the inflation. TSC and its diversified businesses covering agriculture and animal husbandry, manufacturing, gas stations, housing construction, hotels, and commodity retail industry, which are all closely related to people’s lives as well as the government’s Net-Zero Emission Policy. In 2022, to alleviate the economic impact the epidemic had on people, we reduced the land and house rents by about NTD 500 million. In addition, we also cooperated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of the Interior and Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD)  planned to release 270 hectares of land for the installation of 200 MW Solar photovoltaics equipment, and 30% of this green power will be reserved for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to purchase to meet the demand of green power for the energy transition of the small and medium-sized enterprises.

●Attach importance to consumer demands to meet the industry trends

    According to Global Risks Report 2022 by World Economic Forum (WEF), infectious diseases are one of the top 10 global risks in the following 10 years. The United Nations World Population Prospects listed population aging as the main axis of change of the population structure. National Development Council predict that Taiwan will become a super-aged society by 2025.

     In the face of the threat of diseases and the needs of the senior population, We makes considerations from the root to cope with the needs. By promoting the eco-friendly farming on the self-operated and leased farmland, renovating traditional pig farms into modern smart ones combining solar photovoltaics, biogas power generation, waste reduction and water conservation to facilitate the upgrading of the livestock industry, TSC provides the general public high-quality and fresh food that meets the requirements for food safety and environmental protection. In addition, we continue to develop anti-epidemic products and research & develop immunity boosting and nutritious health food suitable for the senior population and those with chronic diseases. Furthermore, the natural ecology and cultural tourism of the Sugar Railways are promoted based on the characteristics of every business base to achieve the purpose of lifelong learning and environmental education, and implement the concept of prevention is better than cure so as to commonly safeguard the physical and mental health of the people.

●Green transition, looking for business opportunities in circular economy

    In an era of increasingly serious global warming and scarce resources, circular economy and green energy are the important industry trends to fight against climate change. TSC turns waste into resources by processing waste oyster shells to make calcium carbonate used in fertilizers and feed and turning waste bagasse from sugar production into biomass fuel for the fuel use in the sugar factory. In the future, thinning trees can also be considered a source to be used for biomass fuel or for the production of biochar or plant fiber composite materials. In terms of green energy, TSC continues to install solar PV systems in multiple modes, including self-built, cooperative operation, land lease, etc. We also actively convert pig manure and urine into biogas power generation and installed charging (piles) stations at suitable locations for electric scooters to gradually align with the energy transition. In addition, intelligence circular housing combined with solar PV energy, water reuse, and resource sharing is built to achieve the goal of sustainable circulation.

●Making the greatest contribution to create a win-win situation by utilizing the abundant assets

    Land is the basic element for industrial development. We cooperates with the central and county (city) governments to develop industrial parks and science parks to facilitate the domestic economic development. Land is also provided for the governments to evaluate the construction of social housing and long-term care facilities. TSC also builds houses and senior residences by means of joint construction or self-construction to meet the housing demands for buyers and tenants, fulfilling housing justice and elderly care. For the assets of the old factory areas, the buildings and railways are refurnished, and local resources are combined to promote cultural and environmental education. Meanwhile, rent or royalties reduction or exemption are provided to attract enterprises to rent these land assets. Suitable land is also selected to invite cultural and creative industries to make use of. For the over 10,000-hectare afforestation land, under-forest industries are developed based on the characteristics of habitat ecology, soil fertility and forestry features, and diversified utilization such as for agriculture or forestry, setting up solar PV systems for green energy, or just retaining it to maintain the rich ecology can also be made.

●Harmonious relationships are the root of a successful enterprise

    The transformation and development of an enterprise requires the support and backing of “people” to succeed. Organizational optimization and talent cultivation are the directions We keeps moving toward, and social inclusion is the value for a state-owned enterprise to exist. With the joint efforts of old hands and new blood, our brewed beverages successfully entered the Japanese market. We have also invested in fan groups live streaming and Podcast operations to strengthen e-commerce and community communication. Charity concerts and children empowerment are also incorporated into the sales and marketing plans, and more than 100 neighborly activities have been organized to continue our efforts for common prosperity with communities.

    In the face of challenges of environmental and economic changes, we are convinced that we can tackle the difficulties step by step and find the best solution to continue our role as the sustainable and solid support for the general public.

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