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Company Overview

          Taiwan Sugar Corporation has actively promoted diversification and transformation, and has established seven divisions including Sugar Business Division, Biotechnology Business Division, Agriculture Business Division, Petroleum Business Division, Livestock Business Division, Leisure Business Division and Marketing Business Division. We have gradually transformed from the traditional agriculture of pure sugar production and marketing into a diversified integrated business including agriculture, industry, commerce, and service industries, aiming at becoming”a benchmark enterprise in the health and green industries in the Asia-Pacific region”.

          TSC has land resources and abundant experience in agricultural farming and processing. We have core technology and niches in sugar industry, pig farming and Phalaenopsis industry, and have expanded our business territory to the United States, Canada and Southeast Asia. Product sales and services are mainly in Taiwan, and only part of our pig farming and flower business are in the areas outside Taiwan.

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          According to the transformation strategy planning, under the analysis of the investment evaluation team, we seek partners to establish cooperative relationships with the Company’s advantages of land, funds, technologies and other resources and accumulate the experience of professional evaluation and investment management to foster more solid and professional capabilities.

          Currently, the major fields of business TSC has invested include western medicine, livestock feed, high-speed rail, power generation, sugar, stocks of biotech companies, and biotech medical supplies. As of the end of 2020, the total investment in 17 domestic and foreign private-owned enterprises amounted to approximately NTD 5.992 billion. In the domestic market, we have invested 14 companies, including Pfizer Biotech and others, with an investment of approximately NTD 5.214 billion, accounting for 87.02%. Investment is made in 3 foreign companies, such as Vietnam-Taiwan Sugar Co., Ltd., with an investment of approximately NTD 778 million, accounting for 12.98%. We completed the investment project in Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd in 2020.

          The company cooperates with the government's “Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan” and has been promoting the development of circular economy and renewable energy. We invested in Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd. in July, 2020, which will build a biogas center with daily processing capacity of 200 tonnes of biogas sources in Neipu, Pingtung County. Electricity is produced through biogas power generation and will be sold to Taiwan Power Company while biogas residues can be sold as raw materials for organic fertilizers. This investment not only helps the government promote the development of the supply chain of the biogas industry but also enables TSC to introduce new anaerobic digestion technology through Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd. so that we can obtain experience, technology and business model while cultivating talents, which will facilitate our future integration of businesses related to the reutilization of waste and various biogas sources.

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