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Financial Performance

          TSC has actively invested in the R&D and application of sugar as its core technology and developed the concept of diversification operations. We use existing resources and advantages to develop new businesses, research and develop new products and provide new services. In addition, internal performance evaluation indicators are set in accordance with Regulations for Performance Evaluation of State-Run Enterprises and Guidelines for Performance Evaluation of State-Run Enterprises for corporate management and performance. In 2022, with the joint efforts of all units and all employees, the total revenue reached NTD 32.461 billion, the total expenditure was NTD 30.033 billion, the net profit was NTD 2.428 billion; the net profit margin accounted for 8.42%, TSC’s business bases are located in Taiwan, Vietnam, the United States, and Canada. We strictly abide by the local laws and regulations of the countries, adhere to integrity management, and pay taxes honestly. There is no such thing as setting a base in a tax heaven for Taiwan Sugar Corporation.

TSC's Condensed Incoms Statement in Recent Three Years (Unit: NTD: thousand)

2022The percentage of increase or decrease compared with the previous year (%)
Operating income25,435,17327,122,95728,823,5856.27%
Other income
Non-operating income
Total revenue
Operating cost
Operating expenses
Other expenses
Non-operating express
Income tax expense (benefits)
Total expenses
Net income
Net profit margin(%)
Earnings per share(元)

Taxation and subsidies

          TSC adheres to the principle of paying taxes honestly according to law, which contributes to the country’s construction and development. In 2022, TSC paid a total of NTD 4,757,834 thousand in taxes and fees to local and central governments in Taiwan, a 8.90% increase compared with the NTD 4,368,891 thousand in 2021. We will continue to focus on the steady development of the Company and create the maximum value for our shareholders.

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