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Board of Director Structure

          The Board of Directors is the Company's highest governance body. The chairman is also the chairman of the shareholders' meeting and the board of directors and not a member of the management team. The president and the vice presidents assist the chairman. The chairman upholds the resolutions of the board of directors for the overall management of the company's business. The vice presidents assist the president according to the division of business. The concept of corporate governance at TSC is implemented from top to bottom. All the important business decisions are implemented based on the resolutions of the board of directors.

          The board of directors has 15 directors elected by the shareholders' meeting according to the law. 3 independent directors are set up among the directors, adopting a nomination system for candidates. The independent directors are elected by the shareholders' meeting from the list of candidates. The term of office of directors is 2 years according to the Articles of Incorporation. A total of 15 members of the 34th session of the board of directors (including independent directors) were elected in the shareholders’ meeting convened on June 11, 2020. There are 4 female directors, 2 members more compared with the number of female directors of the 33rd session; there is also 1 female director among the 3 independent directors. All directors are required to sign the "Consent to Act as Director" and abide by the Company Act and shall have the loyalty and shall exercise the due care of a good administrator in conducting the business operation of the company. Under the Board of Directors, there are two functional committees, the Business Investment Committee and the Land Resources Committee.


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