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Assistance in Agricultural Development

  • Agricultural Land Leases and Value-added Service

          To cooperate with the government’s agricultural policy to stabilize the balance of the production and sales of domestic agricultural products, TSC handles the affairs concerning the lease of land for the cultivation of regulatory crops in accordance with the “Coordination between Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan and Ministry of Economic Affairs for the Lease of TSC-owned Land”. As of the end of December 2020, the area of farmland leased in cooperation with the policy to balance production and sales was 2,761.04 hectares.

          TSC transforms the land tenants into partners, providing tenants with more services such as information of production technology, marketing and channel characteristics and assisting them in solving the problems they face, upgrading farmland leasing business into a full range of services. Through online communities and face-to-face interviews, we increase opportunities with young farmers to understand the difficulties they face and their needs and also exchange information concerning agricultural policies, technologies and experiences so as to help them effectively solve practical problems which will enhance their recognition of and cooperation with our company.

  • COVID-19 Relief Measures

          In response to the severe impact on the lessees during the COVID-19 epidemic period, TSC provides relief schemes to lessen the financial burden of the lessees in accordance with the “Rent Relief Measures to Tenants of State-owned Enterprises under MOEA Affected by Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens” and actively informs the tenants of the 20% rent reduction and rent deferral in 2020. As of the end of 2020, the rent reduction amounted to NTD 426 million.

  • Young Farmers Marketing Counseling and Channel Services

          TSC also exerts its influence on agriculture and expands the target of service from TSC’s tenants to the entire Hualien Area in Eastern Taiwan. It is hoped that through various development of young farmer business, it can assist in the development of regional agriculture that can further encourage more young people to return to their hometown. Hualien Sugar Factory in Huadong Region is provided for the young farmers to set up Farmers’ Market to market the agricultural products produced by local young farmers via the tourism benefit of Hualien Sugar Factory.

  • Taking Care of Sugarcane Farmers

          To cooperate with the government in taking care of sugarcane farmers, TSC ensures the price of NT24,878 dollars/ton to purchase sugarcane sugar and to fulfill its strategic task of stabilizing the supply and demand of the domestic sugar market, and also subsidizes for the transportation charges of the raw material of sugarcanes, the cane garden fire insurance fees, the purchase of bait and the eggs of corcyra cephalonica (stainton) as the materials to feed Chrysopidae to function as a pest control. In addition, TSC also provides low interestrate loans with a monthly interest rate of 0.25% (simple interest method) to assist sugarcane farmers in financing for funds needed in the production process, stabilizing the economy in the rural areas.

  • The Opening of the Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

          Considering that education and training is the cornerstone of industrial development, the Company has established the Academy of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in 2018. The goals are to enhance industrial technology and services, improve the income of employees in relevant industries, and promote the living standards.

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