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Organic and Eco-friendly Farming

          Organic farming is an environmentally friendly and sustainable model for agricultural production. The government has also actively promoted related certification system. TSC has been devoted to an eco-friendly farming and organic production for many years and has gradually expanded the scale of cooperation with farmers year by year. In 2020, we released some selfoperated farms and organic farming zones for lease and cooperation with young farmers.

  • Promotion of Organic and Eco-friendly Cultivation

            For TSC to assist the government in the promotion of organic cultivation, small-scale farmers engaging in organic cultivation will be integrated with the concept of an agricultural satellite system to form a special zone for cooperation with professional division of labor and complementation of resources to improve production and marketing efficiency, creating a cooperative agricultural value chain.

          The Key Points of Farmland Lease has been revised to facilitate the sustainable development of organic agriculture in Taiwan, and organic cultivation will be given priority to in terms of the lease of our farmland. In addition, to stay in line with the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, we provide our tenants engaging in organic cultivation with a 10-year lease guarantee and a 40% rent discount to promote the cooperation of organic cultivation. Currently, there are 29 organic farms working with TSC in the form of contract farming, and 259 young farmers have been assisted to rent 1,445 hectares of TSC’s farmland.

          To cooperate with the government’s promotion of new agricultural policy for the promotion of organic cultivation, as of the end of December 2020, the Company has provided the government 289.97 hectares of leased land for the establishment of a special zone for organic agriculture; the area of other leased farmland for organic crops amounted to 813.38 hectares.

  • Self-operated Organic Agricultural Products

          TSC actively develops its own organic crop cultivation area to continue trial planning and mass production of economic crops. In 2020, the self-operated organic rice verification area reached 94.14 hectares, and the organic fruit and vegetable verification area amounted to 49.02 hectares. The reason for the decrease in the verified area was mainly because that we cooperated with the government policy to take care of young farmers and released part of our organic cultivation zone for lease to cooperate with young farmers.

            The production of indigenous soybeans in Taiwan is scarce, and most of the soybeans in Taiwan depend on imports, and the proportion of genetically modified soybeans is as high as 90% and above. Taiwan’s indigenous non-GMO soybeans plantation area passing SGS 373 item (pesticide residues test 373 item) and Paraquat residues test is as follows.

  • TSC’s Maguang Organic Group Cultivation Farm in Huwei

          We set up an organic framing zone with an area of 197 hectares in Maguang Farm in Huwei Town, Yunlin County, making it the very first circular agriculture demonstration park in Taiwan. This project is scheduled to be completed in December 2021. The organic farm area is leased to Huwei University of Science and Technology, which will cooperate with the Council of Agriculture to recruit farmers to plant in this organic farm based on their qualifications, conditions and specific direction of implementation for the selection of farmers to station in the organic farm. Planning for future operation is as follows.

  1. The open field cultivation area is approximately 93 hectares, with the cultivation of rain-fed crops and import substitute crops.
  2. Protected cultivation area is approximately 43 hectares, with 150 greenhouse facilities mainly for the cultivation of short-term leafy vegetables, melons and fruits and vegetables.
  3. The rest 59 hectares belong to public facilities, and 2.3 hectares of it is the management & goods collection center.

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