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Stabilizing Prices

          The Company is a state-owned business and serves as the function of assisting the government in stabilizing the prices of pork, sugar, cooking oil and other large-scale staple merchandise.

Item Substance
Stabilizing hog prices
In 2020, TSC worked in line with the policy and increased the supply of 66,866 hogs.
Stabilizing salad oil prices
TSC works in line with the government policy of stabilizing prices. Large-packed salad oil maintained   the lowest market price and the retail price of small-packed salad oil (less than 3 liters) has not increased since December 31, 2010.
Stabilizing sugar prices
The price of domestic large-packaged sugar is calculated every day and the price is announced before 08:00AM every day; the retail price of the small-packaged sugar has remained unchanged at NTD 36/kg since September 16, 2010.
National alcohol production team for anti-epidemic
In view of the social panic caused by the spread of COVID-19 epidemic at the beginning of 2020 due to the deficiencies in supply of commercial ethanol solution, TSC started to work overtime to increase the production capacity of 95% ethanol solution in 500 c.c. glass bottles to 8,600 bottles per day and the weekly production capacity of Alcoholic Tissue to 60,000 packs. In addition, we also had contracted manufacturers produce 75% ethanol solution for anti-epidemic purposes and sold it through major domestic distribution channels for the timely provision to meet the needs for disease prevention in Taiwan. As of the end of 2020, TSC has produced more than 4.77 million bottles of alcohol products and 2.34 million packs of alcoholic tissues. TSC was also granted a commemorative medal from the Executive Yuan in August.

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