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Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm

          Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm is TSC’s first green pig demonstration farm combining negative pressure ventilation and water curtain, biogas power generation and solar photovoltaics. Modern systems including ventilation and odor reduction, automatic feed and water supply and pig manure collection systems, along with the public facilities including power supply system, water supply system, reclaimed water system, rainwater recovery system, sewage collection system and drainage system have been introduced, and this demonstration farm was put into official operation in 2020. The target for biogas power generation is 2.3 million kWh/year and 1.5 million kWh/year for solar power generation.

          Dong Hai Feng Circular Park has designed separate sewer systems for excreta and rainwater, and the recovered rainwater is introduced to the pig housing to replenish water for water curtain and pig housing cleaning, which will effectively reduce the production costs and increase the capacity by 20%, up to 42,370 pigs/year while the total water usage can be reduced by 83%. In addition, the establishment of regional biogas energy centers and sewage treatment facilities can help with treatment of pig manure and urine inside and outside the farm, and wastewater and agricultural waste generated by the pig farmers in the neighborhood can also be disposed. It is planned to treat 200 tonnes of pig manure and urine inside and outside the farm as well as external agricultural waste daily, disposing 200 CMD of domestic sewage and treated biogas slurry in the biogas center. In 2020, 6,730.62 tonnes of pig manure and urine outside the pig farms, 462.20 tonnes of distillers’ grains and 491.07 tonnes of fruit peels have been treated.

          After pig manure and urine are collected, the anaerobic fermentation treatment method is used for wastewater. Solid-liquid seperation is carried out, and the seperated pig manure is dried or fermentated before reuse. Part of the liquid is provided for biogas power generation through anaeroibic fermentation, and the biogas slurry is used as the fertilizer in the farmland. On the other hand, some part of treated sewage meeting the water discharge stardards is used for irrigation within the circular park, aiming at reaching the coal of zero discharge of wastewater.

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