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Food Safety Management

          The government proposed the Five-point Food Safety Policy, working on the five aspects of “Strengthen source control management”, “Re-establish the food production-management system”, “Strengthen inspection capabilities”, “Increase liability for producers and vendors”, and “Encourage and enable citizen oversight” to strengthen food safety and sanitation guarantees and improve the management capabilities of food businesses. As the only food company among the state-run enterprises, it has become our mission to cooperate with national policies and provide the public with safe and reliable food.

          To perfect the entire farm-to-table safety system, TSC works together with the government to jointly create a trustworthy food safety and consumption environment. TSC conducts quality testing of about 350 items of products it produces every year, including granulated sugar, pork, organic fruits, processed foods, and beauty and health products and abides by all marketing and labelling regulations to ensure food safety for consumers.

Quality Control

          Due to the impact of COVID-19 epidemic in 2022, TSC still organized 3 sessions of quality management education and training in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements, with a total of 98 participants. TSC holds quality control meetings quarterly or product quality meetings from time to time to discuss quality control issues and related improvement measures. Each business division has a "Quality Control Plan" every year. The planning, support, operation, performance evaluation, improvement and other requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System are used as the basis for each business division to implement quality management. Performance is reviewed on a quarterly basis. At the end of the year, the implementation results of quality control plans are reported. In addition, the Taiwan Sugar Headquarters randomly checks the execution status of quality control activities.

Product safety certification

          To enable consumers to feel confident about the purchase of TSC products and services, TSC has disclosed the necessary information for each product and service it provides, detailed information regarding various raw materials, ingredients, expiry dates, country of origin, storage conditions and instructions for use is listed on each product produced and on the packaging and description label of the product. In addition, consumer service hotlines are provided for questions and answers. All products and services that we provide to consumers comply with the relevant laws and regulations in their labeling and description. In addition, we also actively introduce Food Safety Management System and certification. For every product and service, we have set management indicators in relation to health and safety, and even ensure that the supply chain, manufacturing, and customer service processes meet the safety and health regulations through the suppliers and distributors management system and review it at any time based on business needs. The complete process from R&D, manufacturing, to sales are incorporated into the scope of evaluation, improvement, and quality management.

Traceability Management of Foods

          To enable the public to eat healthy and safe food at ease, as a state-owned enterprise, TSC’s unshirkable responsibility is to include 100% of TSC’s food products in our own Food Safety Traceability Management System (FT). The system not only reveals all the food information for TSC management personnel to check and compare, food inspection reports , but also disclosed the Food inspection report on TSC’s official website, allowing consumers to check complete information of the products online to carry out the commitment of “Food safety guaranteed at TSC”.

          In addition to our own Food Safety Traceability Management System (FT), TSC has joined the "TQF-ICT Service Platform" and "Food Traceability Management Information System" to establish a food safety protection network and enhance the safety and quality of TCS products for consumers.

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