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Talent Cultivation

          TSC attaches great importance to the development of each employee's work function and lifelong learning. By the end of November each year, we ask the various departments and units to organize curriculum that enhance the operation and management performance of each unit. The minimum number of training hours per person per year is set according to the positions and ranks of employees. The promotion system and education and training are implemented to improve the knowledge and skills of employees and cultivate correct working attitudes.

  • Training Hours

          TSC will immediately carry out relevant education and training on its own rights, safety and health and internal control of the Company after the employment. We constantly explore the needs of organizations and individuals, review them at all times and gradually carry out all necessary trainings to enhance their knowledge and skills required for career development. 

          In 2020,the number of trainees was 3,364 (average number from January to December), with 15,029 training hours in total, and the average training hours per person (physical and online) were 47.27(15,029/3,364=47.27) hours respectively, and the staff training expenses totaled NTD 38,546.

  • All-around Development

          The employee training is based on the long-term development of the enterprise, with the indicators of promoting and activating the development of talent function. TSC attaches importance to the all-round learning of employees and provides diversified and innovative training channels to implement life-long learning to create a learning-type organization. The Company has formulated the “ TSC Education and Training Operation Guidelines” to cultivate professional manpower meeting the company’s business needs.

          The Company provides regular and comprehensive training resources and learning environment, including the common training organized by the Company, independent training organized by each unit in accordance with the individual business needs, second expertise and transfer training, participation in training outside the company, on-the-job training, knowledge sharing activities, digital learning courses. We enable more efficient growth and learning of our employees with a solid education and training system, creating a company brand with value and competitiveness.

Course TypeThe Performance and Results in 2020
In-service education dvancement subsidies
There were 42 applications with a total subsidy of NTD 594,192.
Tuition subsidies for foreign language studies
39 applications were submitted with a total subsidy of NTD 255,790.
Knowledge sharing activities
A total of 14 units participated in knowledge sharing activities in 2020. There were 189 sessions in total with 4,988 participants.
The book review competition held by the Ministry of Economic Affairs
A total of 32 articles.

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