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Occupational Safety and Health Management System

          In order to promote workplace safety, prevent accidents, improve working conditions and safeguard the health of employees, the Head Office, the units and their subordinate units meeting the conditions prescribed in Article 10 of the “Regulations for Management of Occupational Safety and Health” all established the Occupational Safety and Health Committees. Members of the committee include safety and health managers, full-time nurses and members in different areas within the organization. Through regular meetings, the policy of TSC Labor Safety is communicated and the opinions between representatives of labor and management are exchanged through the Health and Safety Committee to prevent occupational disasters and to protect occupational safety and health.

          In the collective agreement signed on August 10,2020, the Company and the TSC Federation of Labor Unions agreed that the Company should handle safety and health issues in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other relevant regulations and carry out occupational disaster prevention in accordance with government regulations. The trade union members should strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the rules made by the Company to prevent the occurrence of occupational hazards. In the collective agreement, the percentage of health and safety related topics is about 7%.

          The "Taiwan Occupational Health and Safety Systems (TOSHMS)" has been established according to the “Regulations for Management of Occupational Safety and Health”. We have 9 units that have been verified by ISO 45001 and TOSHMS, including the Head Office, Xiaogang Sugar Refinery of Sugar Business Division, Shanhua Sugar Refinery, Huwei Sugar Refinery, Gangshan Incineration Plant of the Environmental Protection Business Operation Division, Kanting Incineration Plant, Kaohsiung Branch, the Petroleum Business Division and Biotechnology Business Division. Kaohsiung Operation Branch and Livestock Business Division have passed the verification in 2020.

          In order to integrate matters regarding occupational safety and health management and improve performance in industrial safety management, the “TSC Occupational Safety and Health Management Information System” was established to manage occupational safety online. In addition to sharing information on industrial safety and saving data online, it also accelerates data transmission and simplifies the procedures. Meanwhile, it also achieves the purpose of saving paper for environmental protection. In addition, the Environmental Protection Information Webpage on TSC International Information Network and TSC Workplace Safety and Health Improvement Business Reporting System were established to establish a communication channel with employees to improve workplace safety and health.

  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

          The head of each unit assigns personnel for “hazard identification and risk/opportunity assessment operations” for the relevant education and training organized by Occupational Safety and Health Department for 3 hours and more, and such personnel will be responsible for hazard identification and risk/opportunity assessment operations within the unit. Every September, it is necessary for them to confirm the hazard identification and risk/opportunity assessment operations online at the “TSC Occupational Safety and Health Management Information System” and publicize the hazards in the workplace and preventive measures.

          The head of each department should also establish corresponding control measures based on the results of the hazard identification and risk assessment (risk level). Occupational Safety and Health Department also visits the workplace from time to time to discover potential hazards, make suggestions, propose improvement measures, and organize the List of Unacceptable Risks.

  • Guidance and Inspection of Industrial Safety

          In order to implement the management of industrial safety and strengthen the inspection of industrial safety, the annual" Industrial Safety Inspection Plan" is established according to the nature of business. Items to be improved are proposed and tracked until they are improved to ensure the safety of factory sites, business sites and workplaces and prevent disasters from happening so as to improve occupational safety and health management performance. In addition, through the walking management of high-level executives, senior executives at all levels will be sent to each unit for guidance and inspections from time to time.

  • Occupational Safety Performance Indicators
          TSC attaches great importance to the safety of the working environment of employees and contractors, and is commited to creating a safe operating environment. In 2020, there have not been any occupational disease related cases among our employees and contractors, nor has there been any case of death, showing the efforts we have made in occupational safety for our employees.

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