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Talent Acquisition and Turnover

Talent Acquisition

          The recruitment is based on the Employment Services Act, Labor Standards Act and “Regulations for the Employment of the Personnel of Business Units Affiliated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs”. In addition, for specialized or technical personnel with special business nature, it is possible to hire them in an open manner as contract employees. Recruitment of talents complies with legal regulations that require the protection of employee human rights, personal privacy, and the prohibition of improper discrimination. In the recruitment of talents, the Company upholds the principles of fairness, justice and integrity. Recruitment, selection, and hiring of employees are all in compliance with government regulations. There will be no discrimination and differential remuneration.

Talent Retention

          In order to retain competitive talents, TSC strives to establish a friendly working environment, pay attention to the balance between work and life, provide employees with training and development opportunities and encourage employees to continuously improve themselves to achieve the development of individual careers. In recent years, new blood has been activated and most new employees recruited are under 30 years old. The number of employees entering and leaving TSC is 133 and 192 respectively. New hire rate is 4.2%; Turnover rate is 6.1%.

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