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Cultural Preservation and Added Value

          In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture’s promotion of “Industrial Cultural Asset Regeneration Project” and “Guidelines for Subsidies for Preservation and Maintenance & Management of Cultural Assets from Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture”,TSC’s units, including Yamay Sugar Refinery, Beigang Sugar Refinery, Huwei Sugar Refinery, Suantou Sugar Refinery, Xingying Sugar Refinery and Ciaotou Sugar Refinery as well as Department of Land Development applied and obtained a grant of NTD 8.15million from the Ministry of Culture to accelerate the development and utilization of the idled cultural assets in the area of sugar refineries, activate the utilization to enhance the cultural added value of the sugar industry culture, achieving sustainable development of industrial heritage.

  • Heritage Preservation and Activation of Sugar Railways

          Sugar Train Culture has been regarded as an important cultural asset by the government. It witnessed the live history of the development of local industries and is also a resource for future tourism development. Therefore, there is a need to repair it for good preservation. Relevant plans are now being promoted. 

Project Content
Execution Status
Repair and maintenance of Sugar Train Station with historical value

In the period of 2019-2021, investments would be made in “Restoration Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery”.

Between 2018 and 2019, the industrial cultural asset regeneration plan -The Wushulin Sugar Train Culture Redevelopment Project was implemented.

The planning and design of the Restoration Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery was completed in 2020, and the reconstruction project is still on going

It was open to the public in 2020.

Repair and restore sugar trains with characteristics

In 2020, the passenger car, Shengli (Victory) and the 111 Patrol Car were repaired and restored in Wushulin Sugar Refinery.

The wooden shed cars and machine tools were repaired in Hualien Sugar Factory.

After the restoration, it can be self-propelled as a chartered car and dynamic display activity for the cultural festival. The wooden shed cars were the highlights in the display.
Training for driving and maintenance techniques for internal combustion and steam locomotives
In 2020, the Department of Land Development of the Headquarters organized the training courses for driving internal combustion engine train for new drivers, practical class for mechanical affairs and maintenance and engineering works of railway dedicated for sugar train, and on-the-job training course for railway operators.
The training courses have been completed in 2020, and the professional knowledge and practical experience of sugar train operators was also increased.
Cooperation with the policy to conduct the survey of the paths of sugar train culture and national greenways
Inventory of cultural paths and national greenways.
Between 2020-2021, 11 routes were surveyed for the cultural paths for sugar train culture.
Project to extend the sugar train line to Chiayi High Speed Rail Station
To connect the scenic sports in the surrounding area and promote the development of local tourism, the sugar train will be extended by 1.41 kilometers from Suantau Sugar Refinery to the High Speed Rail Station, with an investment amount of NTD 80 million.
Cooperate with the policy to promote local tourism industry. This project continues to be promoted in 2020, and it targets at its official operation in October, 2022

  • Repair of Japanese Style Houses and Industrial Facilities

          During the Japanese Colonial Period, wooden structures and the industrial facilities in sugar factories had their own styles. These structures not only witnessed the process and transformation of the sugar industry but are also unique historical landscape and a symbol of memories. After restoration, business invitation will be conducted for art and commercial purposes, and the houses and facilities will also be reused for accommodation experience, cultural relics exhibitions, film shooting activities and other activities. They have become cultural elements in the cultural and creative industry and enhanced the value of cultural assets of the sugar industry.

          For a long time, TSC cooperates with cultural units of the government for the application of “Regeneration Project of Industrial Cultural Assets” and “Management and Maintenance Subsidy Plan for Cultural Assets Preservation” to plan repair and reutilization. In 2020, the ongoing projects include:

  1. Restoration and Reutilization of Yamay Sugar Refinery
  2. The re-utilization project of the 11 buildings of the dormitorygroup and alcohol tanks in Huwei Sugar Refinery and the restoration of Beigang Sugar Refinery
  3. The restoration project of the dormitory group of Huwei Sugar Refinery on No. 2 & 4, Ming Zhu 9th Road
  4. The planning and design of the 1st Guest House and the factory director’s dormitory in Huwei Sugar Refinery
  5. The restoration project of the old clinic and barbershop in Huwei Sugar Refinery
  6. The restoration project of Wufen Station of Suantau Sugar Refinery
  7. The restoration project of the headquarters office of Ensuiko Sugar Refining Co., Ltd. in Xinying
  8. The planning and design of the Security Unit in Ciaotou Sugar Refinery in Kaohsiung

  • Promotion and Marketing of Sugar Industry

          To “preserve” and “maintain” tangible and intangible cultural assets of the sugar industry and to combine creativity to continue cultural updates and accumulation, we will continue to add values and industrialize culture through assets inventory, introduction of technology, professional maintenance and government subsidies, making the brand of TSC one with unique cultural connotation value.

          On November 28,2020,TSC,the Cultural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government, and the 7th River Management Office of WRA co-organized the Wandan Sugarcane Festival and planned the Wufeng Station Route for hiking. We not only prepared 1,000 souvenirs for the participants but also arranged fun activities such as sugarcane cutting and peeling competitions, parent-child activity of sugarcane grilling, scarecrow archery, and parent-child sketching competition. What was more, people could also take an ox cart ride around the sugarcane garden to experience the early rural life atmosphere. In addition, there is also a guided tour of the sugarcane planting workflow and physical displays, and the public can learn more about sugarcane and the sugar refining industry in a fun and yet educational way.

          A grand opening for sugar making and cultural activities such as guided tours of historical sites and cultural relics was held at Huwei Sugar Refinery on December 10th, 2020. This was a year when sugar making entered its 113rd year. About 4 months after the start of sugar refinery, images of sugar train traveling among the sugarcane garden in Huwei Township can be seen. The aroma and sweet scent around the sugar factory marks the major event of the sugar industry culture of a year. Shanhua Sugar Refinery started sugar refining on December 15th, 2020. Due to the concern of the epidemic, it was not open to the public. But the Shanhua Sugar Factory Cultural Park located in the factory area was still open to the public, enabling the public to visit the sugar industry culture.

          TSC cooperated with the National Archives Administration to hold a special exhibition of the Sweet Time, which was first exhibited in the National Archive Administration, and the second session was in Ciaotou Sugar Refinery from July 13rd to November 8th, 2020. In addition, we also co-published a book entitled Grains Engraved in History- Memories of the History of Taiwan’s Sugar Industry.

          TSC and Foundation of Taiwan Sugar Association co-organized the Forum on Sugar Railways in Taisugar Wushulin Park of the Leisure Business Division on November 20, 2020, and the cultural activity of 2020 Take a Day Tour to Sugar Train was held on December 6th.

          From October 2020 to December 2021, Taiwan Sugar Research Institute and the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica worked together with the “Construction Project of Taiwan Rural Human Ecology Survey Database System” to collect sugar industry literature during the Japanese colonial rule in digital form to preserve precious cultural assets.

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