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Collaboration with Allies

          TSC continues to deepen and expand its overseas investment and cooperation with our allies. To strengthen the current overseas bases, we continue to strengthen the supervision of the investment target, Vietnam-Taiwan Sugar Co. Ltd. In addition, we also keep a close grasp of the Vietnamese Government’s policy for sugar industry and information of the domestic needs for local sugar industry to expand our production capacity at an appropriate time. Furthermore, the current business performance of the Tai Viet. Agribusiness Company Limited is improved based on local production and local sales, seeking investment opportunities to expand the operation scale in Vietnam.

           For highly developed regions such as Japan, the United States and Canada, we have established production bases and channels for TSC’s orchids which enjoy international reputation globally. Therefore, we will continue to deepen the existing overseas markets, accurately grasp the market information, actively reduce the costs, focus on the strains meeting market demands and seek opportunities for profits. Furthermore, a team was formed with the collaboration among the diplomatic, agricultural agencies and the industry to plan suitable high-quality orchid species for special orchid exhibitions presented in a way combining Taiwanese culture, art and stories based on the local market needs. The exhibitions will not only increase the orchid marketing markets and brand exposure but also promote the international competitiveness and sales volume of domestic orchid industry.

  • Assessment of New Southbound Investment (Assessment of Investment in Indonesia Sugar Industry )

          New Southbound Policy has been one of the important policies of the government. As a state-owned enterprise, TSC should assist the government in the implementation of related policies. Located in Southeast Asia close to Taiwan, Indonesia is a great investment target for the short distance from Taiwan and the convenience in investment management. In addition, the similar climate and customs as well as the similar management of agricultural farming, along with the lower production cost and easy access to land and materials all make Indonesia one of the best choices for TSC’s sugar investment.

  • Working in Line with Foreign Policy to Promote Collaboration with Allies

          Honduras is an important country we have diplomatic relation with. Honduran coffee is imported to Taiwan for sale through trade. In addition, TSC assists Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co., Ltd. to expand the international supply chain of agricultural products (such as avocado) from contract farming and integrated production and marketing. Coffee is an important export commodity of Honduras. Based on the consideration of overseas agriculture and humane care for coffee farmers, TSC directly purchases coffee from smallholders in Honduras and cooperates with domestic companies to bring excellent Honduran coffee to people in Taiwan and give back partial of the profits to projects to enhance the smallholders’ production technology and quality of life in Honduras. Purchases from smallholders and marketing activities of the project will continue from 2018-2022 to establish TSC’s Honduran coffee brand and consumer groups. In order to strengthen the friendly relations with Paraguay, the government has planned investments. TSC works with International Cooperation and Development Fund and Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co. Ltd. to assist Paraguay in establishing a production and business model of Phalaenopsis seedlings.

  • TSC worked with IMPCT in the Promotion of Smallholder Coffee from Honduras and Cooperated in School Building Projects

          Since the introduction of special highland smallholder coffee from Honduras at the end of 2017, the coffee has been well received, and the smallholder coffee farmers were substantially helped. In July, 2018, TSC worked with an international social enterprise, IMPCT in the Coffee For the Future Project and promoted TSC’s Honduran Smallholder Coffee with its story, and part of the income from the coffee trade would be directly given back to the coffee plantation area in the construction of high schools.

          The opening ceremony of the first school, built in a community called Los Izotes in Tegucigalpa City in the Province of Francisco Morazán.The school started operation in March,2019, with 26 students aged between 12- 18 enrolling in the school. Through the course of Community Young Leaders Development Plan, students can pay part of their tuition by community service working hours such as discovering community problems and providing assistance and finding solutions, which further positively affect the lives of about 200 households in the community.

          In 2020, TSC and IMPCT cooperated again in the construction of schools in a community called Chaguite in the Province of El Paralso and one called Las Delicias in the Province of Francisco Morazán. However, due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the construction projects were suspended and will be completed within 2 months after the epidemic is completely over and economic activities returns to normal.

  • Orchids in Paraguay

          In recent years, the economic development in Paraguay has grown rapidly and the demands for flowers has also gone up sharply. When Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benitez visited Taiwan on the occasion of Taiwan National Day in 2018, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen proposed the “Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Plan”, hoping to assist Paraguay in establishing the Phalaenopsis Industry, creating employment opportunities so as to improve the economic income and people’s lives in Paraguay through the successful experience in Taiwan. 

          To carry out the Taiwan-Paraguay Phalaenopsis Industry Development Plan”, TSC cooperated with the Council of Agriculture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Paraguayan Embassy, the International Cooperation and Development Fund and Taiwan Orchid Growers Association and organized the Taiwan Orchid Exhibition in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay during the National Day of Paraguay in 2019. This orchid exhibition combined the elements of Taiwanese culture, art and storytelling and was well received, enhancing the understanding of Phalaenopsis among people in Paraguay and laying the foundation for cooperation in the Phalaenopsis Industry between Taiwan and Paraguay. 

          TSC, International Cooperation and Development Fund and Taiwan Agricultural Investment and Development Co. Ltd. formed a team and sent personnel to Paraguay in December 2019 to assist them in the production of high-quality Phalaenopsis and establishment of a business model to open up the high-end market locally. In 2020, the team overcame the impact of COVID-19 and produced high-end Phalaenopsis locally, and even organized a Valentine’s Day orchid exhibition in February 2021, attracting interviews from many local TV station. Many local people also went to buy the orchids, took pictures and inquired about investing in Phalaenopsis industry.

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