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Community Care and Services

          TSC and its affiliated units not only implement the promotion of the good neighborly relations to provide help and assistance to the communities but also continue to invest in the public welfare to care for the society and the disadvantaged groups so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic of COVID-19, the number of public welfare activities decreased compared with 2019, with a total of 149 public welfare activities, donating NTD 6.56 million in total.

2020 public welfare activities (only some of the activities are listed here):

Name of activity  
Donation was made to the low-income households and the physically and mentally challenged in Tainan City, providing livelihood materials for both good neighborly relations and public welfare.
Through this donation activity, the products of the company were promoted, and litchi farmers were also assisted to go through the crisis of draggy sales. It is hoped that by giving back to the minority groups in the society through local public welfare groups, TSC can promote its corporate social responsibility policy and its public image.
2020 Auspicious Year-End Dinner to Embrace the Year of Rat
We invited the elders living alone from social welfare institutions, needy and disadvantaged families and also invited the low-income families in the neighborhood through the heads of the subdivisions of the district to join in this year-end event together, allowing our Hotel to give back to the community.
Paying visit and making donation- public welfare activity at RJRC Education Foundation
It is hoped that through this paying visit and making donation activity, we can convey our care for the disadvantaged groups in the society and also encourage the public to contribute to public welfare activities in the society when they have the capability to connect people with good will.
Cleaning homes and communities for the prevention and control of Dengue Fever
To strengthen the residents’ epidemic prevention concept and reduce the risk of infection so as to take care of the health of the residents in the neighborhood. By interacting with the residents, harmony can be improved in the communities and the corporate image can also be enhanced.
Visiting Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circular Park and the briefing of park farm renovation
After visiting Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circular Park, the residents understood the fact that the planning direction of TSC’s pig farms is moving toward the circular economy model, strengthening energy saving, water conservation and eco-friendliness. After the renovation, the competitiveness in the livestock breeding industry can be enhanced, and all the old pig farms will be turned into eco-friendly agricultural circular pig farms.
Donation of living materials to Chiayi County Zhongpu Private Institutional Care Center
The materials donated this time were not only used by the physical and mental challenged students in this care center, the president of the care center also helped give these materials to the families undergoing unforeseen events in the community as condolences to convey our warmth and intentions to give back and care for the society on our behalf.
Visiting Lain Xin Yuan Education and Nursing Center and Community Care Activity
By providing materials and working together with local charity organizations, TSC helped children with disabilities and developmental delays, which will enhance the public image of Taiwan Sugar Corporation.
“Sending Warmth in Winter, Sending Love from the Gas Stations” Charity Garden Party
Petroleum Business Division initiated the “You fill Gas, We Donate Materials” activity from November, and the materials worth NTD 600,000 were donated to 10 public welfare groups, including Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, The Garden of Hope Foundation, Tobias Social Welfare Foundation, Changhua County private Christian Joy Nursery, Association of Trouble Angels of Nantou County, Christian the House of Xin-Fu Little Lamb and Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation at the “Sending Warmth in Winter, Sending Love from the Gas Stations” Charity Garden Party held in Xihu Sugar Factory in Changhua on December 26th.
Materials donation activity to send love to the elders and also the low-income families in Tainan City on Double Ninth Day
On the eve of Double Ninth Day, the heads of the subdivisions of the district received a batch of bananas on the elders’ behalf and distribute them to the elders and low-income families for them to have a festive atmosphere to care for the disadvantaged groups and give them timely assistance and warmth.
Social Care Activities on Mid-Autumn Festival
Upon the time when the weather turned cool around Mid-Autumn Festival, TSC would extend its gratitude to all staff in the social welfare institutions for their efforts made to assist the disadvantaged groups in the society by giving them TSC food and materials to pay the highest respect and care from TSC.
A Conversation with the aboriginal elders on health in Hualien Sugar Factory
The manager of the district branch invited the head of the town to visit various cultural and health stations (10 stations) in Guangfu Township. TSC products were given out on the spot. Through this activity, interaction among the elders were enhanced, shortening the distance among them and improving the harmonious relationship between the district branch and the locals.
Ciaotou District Office of Kaohsiung City organized the 2020 Fathers’ Day Celebration and Model Fathers Award Ceremony
On the day of the event, TSC sponsored 20 boxes of Taiwan Sugar mineral water (in 600 cc bottles) and 300 popsicles to enhance our corporate image and to maintain good interaction with the residents in the neighborhood.
On the day of the event, TSC sponsored 20 boxes of Taiwan Sugar mineral water (in 600 cc bottles) and 300 popsicles to enhance our corporate image and to maintain good interaction with the residents in the neighborhood.
In this activity, 38 boxes of milled rice and 10 boxes of brown rice were donated to Tzuen Charity Social Welfare Foundation, and those from low-income families under 65 years old and the institutionalized with physical and mental disorders were benefited.
“Planting Love, Enabling Love to Fly” Charity Garden Party
The public needed only 5 unredeemed uniform invoices to exchange a pack of TSC’s high-quality golden brown sugar to support the charity event and help people in a vegetative state staying at the institutions of Genesis Social Welfare Foundation
Caring for the Society, Sending Warmth at the End of the Year
Caring for the Society, Sending Warmth at the End of the Year
Paying visit and making donation- Donations of living materials to Juridical Person Taiwan Province Hun-Chia Sanctuary for the Handicapped for good neighborly & public welfare activity
During the visit, TSC donated a batch of living materials to enable those mentally challenged and disadvantaged in the sanctuary to have enough living materials to use.
Wall billboards were provided free of charge to agencies or groups for the promotion of government orders and public welfare activity
We cooperated with government agencies to promote traffic safety, prevention of dengue fever and animal protection, reassured childcare, legal consultation for the physically challenged, and also assisted schools in enrollment propaganda to implement the good neighborly work.
2020 TSC Run for Love
The starting pistol fired for the TSC Run for Love in Shanhua Sugar Refinery, and the polar adventurer Kevin Lin led 15 groups of visually impaired runners and over 2,600 runners to run from the starting line and to enjoy running and playing in Shanhua. TSC also turned the cumulative running mileage from the runners into materials equivalent of NTD 130,000 and donated these materials to Yow Ming Low Vision Blindness Association in Tainan City with “Love in the Eye” and to convey care from TSC and the general public.

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