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Sustainable Management Performance of ESG

  • E-Environmental Aspect
  1. The total power generation from green energy and renewable energy amounted to 28.6 million kWh,reducing 14,569 metric tons of CO2e.
  2. Produced 169 certificates of biomass renewableenergy, that is 1,69,000 kWh of green electricity.
  3. The power generation from the solar PV system was 15,514,100 kWh, a 137.59% increase     compared with 2019.
  4. The GHG emission intensity decreased by 21.74% compared with that in 2019.
  5. The environmental protection expenses increase by 169.55% compared with that in 2019.
  6. The total green procurement rate in 2020 was 99.88%.

  • S-Social Aspect
  1. A total of 149 cases of various activities related to goodneighborliness and public welfare were handled, and the donation amount was about NTD 6.56 million.
  2. 100% of TSC's food products are included in our own Food Safety Traceability Management System (FT).
  3. The score of customer satisfaction survey in 2020 was 93.2 points.
  4. The average training hours were 47 hours, and the staff training expenses totaled NTD 38,550,000.
  5. We cooperated and held 147 sessions in total and 3,030 participants attended the training and drills with the National Disaster Prevention Day.
  6. During 2017 through 2020, a total of 2,676 people participated in 53 beach cleaning activities, clearing 11.85 tons of waste.

  • G-CorporateGovernance
  1. Total of 13 board meetings were convened, and the average attendance rate of directors was 98.5%.
  2. The Board of Directors reviewed a total of 225 cases that included policies, economic, environmental and social issues.
  3. A total of 17 sessions of anti-corruption briefings, 12 sessions of anticorruption training and advocacy exercises were organized in 2020, with 561 employees participating.
  4. In the handling of various types of procurement tenders, 100% of the business partners have been notified of anti-corruption policies.
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