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2022 TSC Featured Performance

  • Stabilized the commodity prices, the retail price of sugar remained at NTD 36/kg, and the price of small packaged soybean oil remained the same.
  • Stabilized the hog prices and allocated 20,612 pigs in total for supply and demands.
  • To cope with the needs during the epidemic period, the prices of anti-epidemic products remained the same, and we further expanded production and produced more than 4.17 million bottles of alcohol products. 
  • In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Rent Relief Measures to Tenants were implemented, and the rent reduction amounted to NTD 490 million in 2022.
  • We purchased locally produced agricultural products such as custard apples, candied dates, pineapples, and pomelos to be used in the meals and iced desserts, for public welfare donations, incentive giveaways for the purchase of over a certain amount, and gifts for the Employee Welfare Committee. In 2022, a total of over 50,000kg with the value of NTD 4.2 million of agricultural products were purchased.
  • Promoted organic agriculture and farming, and provided the government with land for lease to set up organic agricultural zones of an area of 272 hectares; other agricultural land was leased for organic crops, with an area of 876.50 hectares. 
  • The area for afforestation and tending has amounted to 11,565 hectares in total, absorbing approximately 129,000 tonnes of CO2e.
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