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Natural Ecological Resources


          The park is located in Guangfu Township, Hualien County, in the Huadong Rift Valley between the Central Mountain Range and the Coastal Mountain Range. This used to be sugarcane field of Hualien Sugar Factory during the heyday of sugar production. It is within the jurisdiction of TSC’s MASADIFOREST. 

          Since 2002, in cooperation with the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, to promote the Landscape Afforestation and Greening of the Flatland Project, more than 1.65 million saplings have been planted on an area of about 1,200 hectares in the park area. With the success of afforestation and tending, the Forestry Bureau started the overall planning and design of the MASADIFOREST in 2009, and has successively carried out the construction, repair and maintenance of facilities such as the paths, bikeways, footpaths, Sun Grassland & Moon Lake, Colorful Fishing Bridge, and other landscape constructions. The North and South Ring Bikeways and various footpaths are set up, meandering through the entire forest area where visitors can enjoy the view of various tree species. The park has rich natural ecology and beautiful scenery in four seasons, and it breeds more than a hundred of animals and insects. Every spring, fireflies, a species requiring the cleanest and pollution-free environment, are seen everywhere in the park, making viewing fireflies at night one of the most popular activities of visitors in recent years. In autumn and winter when the leaves turn red and yellow, and finally fall off, leaving bare branches, making the South and North Ring Bikeways perfect scene to take pictures for visitors. 

          The overall terrain of the park descends from southeast to northwest. The area is vast and complete, with a wide vision and a panoramic view of the magnificent forest scenery. Under the dedicated management of TSC Huatung Operation Branch and the Forestry Bureau, the park has become Taiwan’s first flatland forest park. 

Linhousilin Forest Park in Pingtung

          Linhousilin Forest Park was selected as one of the three international level large-scare forest parks in Taiwan in 2009 by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Located on the west side of Dawu Mountain and right bank of Linbian River, the park crosses Chaozhou Township, Wanluan Township, and Xinpi Township, with an area of about 1,005 hectares, of which 944 hectares (accounting for 99% of the total area) belong to the land of TSC’s Linhou, Silin, and Nan’an Farms that used to be land for sugarcane planting and sucrose production. However, since 2002, to cooperate with the Company’s policy to close sugarcane mills and the government’s promotion of flatland afforestation policy, large-scale afforestation in the park started, with an area of about 700 hectares. Based on the calculation of 1,500 trees per hectare, a total of more than 1 million trees have been planted, and the species are mainly Soap nut tree, Evergreen Ash, Comphor Tree, Taiwan Zelkova, Beadtree, Mahogany, etc. The planning of the park focuses on Taiwan’s ecological characteristics, providing high-quality green leisure and recreation space and ecological education environment. This park shows the multiple ecological landscape and demonstrates the core value of low-carbon, low-commercial, and low-density development, and it is a good space to enjoy the outdoors on holidays.

Aogu Wetland Forest Park in Chiayi County

          Aogu Wetland Forest Park is located in Dongshi Township, Chiayi County, with a total area of 1,470 hectares (including the 664 hectares of wild animal habitats announced by COA and the 512.1 hectares of national important wetland announced by Ministry of Interior), and is under the management of Chiayi Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau. 

          Aogu Wetland has a large number of migratory birds and waterfowls and is adjacent to Gangkou Temple, Dongshi Fishing Port, and other attractions, full of the value for environmental education. TSC selected Aogu Wetland for the wetland park plan. Dongshi Farm (a total area of 664.48 hectares) that belongs to it is also planned to be used for wildlife protection area. Later, the Forestry Bureau selected the Dongshi Farm and its surrounding wetlands belonging to TSC for the planning of a flat forest park.  

          In accordance with the Schedule of Protected Species announced in 2008, among all the animal and plant resources recorded in Aogu Wetland, 41 species of animals belong to protected species, among which 39 species of birds belong to protected birds (5 endangered species include Ciconia boyciana, Platalea minor, Falco peregrinus, Tringa guttifer, and Tyto longimembris). In the Red List of Birds of Taiwan, 2016, Tringa guttifer and Tyto longimembris were further listed in the Nationally Endangered species.

          It is worth mentioning that the Haipu Livestock Farm located in Aogu Wetland Forest Park has an area of 17.815 hectares. It is a legal pig farm approved by Chiayi County Government. The water discharged from this site has long provided bio-nutrients to Aogu Wetland, and it is also an important factor for this region to maintain diversified biological phase and ecological balance.

Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantien

          In 1980, due to the development of Taiwan’s highspeed railway, the route planned happened to pass through this important habitat of pheasant-tailed jacana, Hulupi in Guantian Township. After coordination, Tainan City Government rented TSC’s property at Fanzitian Section No. 767 and others with a total of eight pieces of land, with the area of approximately 15 hectares to establish the Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantian for the implementation of the breeding plan, creating a pond-based breeding area for pheasant-tailed jacana. The Jacana Ecological Education Park in Guantian has been established for the implementation of the breeding plan to conduct the habitat restoration by planting water chestnut, lotus, prickly water lily, water lily and other plants. As of 2022, the number of adult birds was 65, the number of nests was 58, that of eggs was 217, that of the hatched was 100, and that of fledglings was 40. So far, the number of pheasant-tailed jacana in the Great Tainan Area has reached 2,603, and among them, 2,237 are in Guantian alone. 

Source: Guantian Pheasant-tailed Jacana Ecological Education Park

Haifeng Wetland in Pingtung

          Haifeng Wetland is located near the Chonglan Jiuzhen (canal) in Haifeng Area. Pingtung County Government rented the 13.74-hectare land from TSC and planned a primary sedimentation tank, natural purification channels and a 6-hectare ecological pond as the means of purifying the water quality of Chonglan Jiuzhen (canal), injecting water into the old waters. There are 57 species of birds, 2 species of shrimps and crabs, 10 species of fish, 18 species of damselflies, 7 species of amphibians, 11 species of reptiles, 17 species of mammals, 2 species of snails, and 245 species of plants in this wetland. This wetland is with biodiversity, ecological function and scientific research value, and various aquatic birds and insects live and prosper here. 

Note: The data was from Pingtung County Environmental Protection Bureau’s 2017 final report of the Biological Investigation and Monitoring Plan at the Background Environment of the Wannian Stream Upper Wetland in Pingtung County.

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