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Environmental Education

          Taiwan Sugar Corporation attaches great importance to environmental education, and diversified courses are actively planned in its environmental education centers. Among them, Xihu Sugar Refinery, Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort and Ciatou Sugar Refinery have successively obtained the Environmental Education Field Certification. Currently, Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory has submitted the application for the certification. It is hoped that all the people living on this land can make rediscovery of the environment through the power of education.

          To work in line with the Executive Yuan’s Air Quality Purification Zone Project, we have planted large trees on the 20-meter roadside in TSC Huatung Operation Branch (Guangfu Township) since 1997, with the planting area of 17.78 hectares. The environmental protection forest road has been established for over 20 years, and all the trees are strong and healthy, absorbing 408.94 tonnes of carbon dioxide (23 tonnes/hectare), 133 tonnes of sulfur dioxide (7.48 tonnes/hectare) and reducing 8.89 tonnes of suspended particulates (0.5tonnes/hectare) every year. This green ecological corridor is always lush and green despite the seasonal changes, and it has been praised as the “Totoro Green Tunnel” in Hualien. This Green Tunnel forms a meaningful chain of sightseeing with Guangfu Sugar Factory for the enjoyment of the renowned iced desserts.

          On the morning of August 26, we held the 2020 Environmental Protection Forest Road Achievement Promotion and Environmental Education Activity in the MASADIFOREST in Guangfu Township, Hualien. Local residents and employees in Guangfu Township were invited to jointly maintain the green resources and to share the fruitful results of the 20-year tree planting and greening.

          TSC initiated the “Beach Cleanup to Guard Taiwan”activity from 2017. However, the activity was temporarily suspended due to the pandemic of COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020. As the epidemic slowed down, the local government informed TSC that the beach cleanup activity could be resumed, and the vice president led 120 supervisors and employees from the Headquarters and Chungchang Operation Branch to the coastline along Wangung Fishing Port in Changhua that has been adopted by TSC for 2 years for the beach cleanup to maintain the coastal environment and embody as well as promote the concept of environmental sustainability.

          As of the end of 2020, TSC has organized 53 beach cleanup activities and mobilized 2,676 people, clearing 11.85 tonnes of waste in total. We will continue the beach cleanup activity to set an example for others to follow, aiming at evoking the corporate social responsibility to invite other enterprises to jointly protect the marine ecology and further to promote the sustainable development of the environment.

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