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Governance and Risk Management

          TSC’s main operations are in sugar industry. However, in recent years, climate change has caused extreme weather conditions and affected TSC’s operations and the supply of raw materials. Therefore, Taiwan Sugar actively engages in transformation, working toward reaching the goal of becoming a benchmark enterprise in the health and green industry in the Asia-Pacific region to maintain the capability of the organization to operate sustainably. In addition, as a state-owned enterprise, TSC upholds the principle of integrity management, complies with relevant rules and regulations and strengthens corporate governance to control potential risks that could have impact on operations.

Governance and Risk Management - Management approach

Item Substance
Corresponding material topics
Corporate Governance, Climate Action,Socioeconomic Compliance,Customer Privacy
  • Promoting circular economy (Climate Action)
  • Strengthening corporate governance (Corporate Governance,Socioeconomic Compliance)
  • Performing comprehensive risk management (Customer Privacy)
Commitments and goals
  • Short-term goals (within 3 years):
  1. To develop renewable energy and promote circular economy
  2. Continue to improve the corporate governance system and improve the transparency of financial performance information Compliance with various economic and social regulations.
  3. No incidents of infringement of customer privacy rights and loss of customer data
  • Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
  1. Zero fines
  2. To become a benchmark enterprise in the health and green industry
  3. To protect shareholders' rights, strengthen the functions of the board of directors,bring out the functions of a functional committee, respect the interests of stakeholders, and ensure sustainable development of the company with integrity management
  4. To complete the implementation of TSC’s Future Business Strategies 2022~2025
Responsible units
  • Business Development Promotion Group of the Corporate Sustainable Development Committee
  • Board of Directors
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Secretariat
  • Legal Affairs
  • Department of Information
Input resources
  • Costs for holding training courses related to corporate governance for directors
  • Entrusted external units to conduct corporate governance evaluation
  • Continuous evaluation and expansion of solar PV
  • Overall renovation project of modern livestock housing (including solar PV and biogas power)
Recourse mechanism
Audit Committee Mailbox, the Corruption Report Channel of TSC’s Department of Ethics,Customer Service Hotline, Key Points for the Implementation of the Confidentiality of Reported Cases, Customer Service Email Box, TSC Facebook Fan Page

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