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Core Values

          As a state-run enterprise, TSC has taken the mission to support the positive cycle of the society. In addition to promoting organic and eco-friendly farming, we also attach importance to food safety and labeling, striving to implement food traceability management to meet social needs for and expectations of food safety. In addition, we also cooperate with the government in stabilizing commodity prices and people’s livelihood. Furthermore, to facilitate local prosperity, land development through cooperation has been carried out to nurture important bases for the high-tech industries in Taiwan. Creating a multi-win situation for locals and the public.

Core Values - Management approach

Item Substance
Corresponding material topics
Innovative Research, Indirect Economic Impacts, Customer Health and Safety, Healthy and Reasonably Priced Food, Sustainable Food, Providing Land for Urban Planning, Marketing and Labeling
  • Enhance the power of product and the marketing capability (Innovative Research)
  • Implementation of eco-friendly farming and promotion of organic cultivation (Sustainable Food)
  • Implementation of production history and food traceability management (Marketing and Labeling)
  • Cooperate with industrial policy of the government, stabilize prices and provide land for economic development (Providing Land for Urban Planning, Indirect Economic Impacts)
  • Deepening the core businesses and providing safe and affordable products (Customer Health and Safety, Healthy and Reasonably Priced Food)
Commitments and goals
  • Short-term goals (within 3 years):
  1. To focus on health-oriented core technologies and products, increase input of resources, and strengthen brand marketing
  2. Completed the construction of a self-operated organic farm
  3. To maintain food safety, and build a more complete traceability system
  4. To provide land to cooperate with the government in the construction of social housing and complete the construction of the elderly residence by self-investment
  5. To maintain afforestation and tending for the greening of idle land
  6. To obtain the environmental education field certification
  7. To increase the ratio of contract farming zone, aiming at 1:1 for contract farming zone to self-operated organic farming area
  • Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
  1. To combine new agriculture and make use of biotechnology for the R&D of nontoxic, non-polluting, high value-added, and healthy products
  2. To expand our cooperation with farmers to increase the yields of organic crop production
  3. To develop health care products and continue to increase number of items
  4. To work in line with government policies and make dynamic adjustment to provide land for social housing and elderly residence construction projects
  5. Make individual plans for the diversified utilization of afforested land in the future
  6. To continue the promotion of environmental education to enhance the overall awareness of environmental protection in Taiwanese society
Responsible units
  • Environmental Sustainability Group of Corporate Sustainable Development Committee
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Secretariat
  • Quality Management Committee
  • Food Factory Inspection Group
  • Department of Land Development
  • Department of Property Management
  • Department of Agribusiness Management
  • Environmental Protection Division
  • Land Use and Activation Group
Management System and Action
  • Research and Development Committee Charter, Guidelines for Intellectual Property Rights, Guidelines for Research Project Management, Guidelines for Technology Transfer and Authorization, Guidelines for R&D Records and Document, Guidelines for Laboratory Safety and Use, Guidelines for Greenhouse Management, Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS)
  • Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan and Ministry of Economic Affairs coordinate TSC’s land lease matters, Organic Agriculture Promotion Act, Food Safety Management System, and the Key Points for the Reforestation Incentives Program, Guidelines for Forest Tending for Green Forest Park Avenue and Guidelines for Flatland and National Afforestation Program

Assessment management mechanism

Internal Control System, TSC Performance Assessment System, Corporate Sustainable Development Committee Work Plan and Implementation Review Meeting

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