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Being Your Good Neighbor- TSC Gas Station

          To effectively make use of the Company’s land with low economic value and cooperate with the government’s stepwise oil product liberalization policy, TSC started to invest in oil product business in 1995 to assist with the “increasing the oil product supply efficiency”. As the operation scale expanded, an independent Petroleum Business Division was established in 2003, under which are the Central and Southern District Business Teams that are in charge of 35 and 38 gas stations respectively.

          TSC’s oil products are all from CPC Corporation. TSC makes use of its own land and equipment to store and sell oil products. We do not involve in front-end mining, refining, importing and other businesses, and there are no negative impacts on the surrounding communities where the gas stations are located. With the coming of an era of electrification of transportation, electric scooter battery exchange stations are also set up in TSC gas stations, and the cooperation with charging service providers are planned to provide e-scooter charging services.

          The Petroleum Business Division will continue to uphold the original intention. In addition to providing convenient energy supply services for the surrounding communities and travelers at our gas stations, we also take part in social welfare activities to expand our positive influence in the local areas by purchasing, selling, and donating agricultural products.

TSC charging service

          In response to a new era of net zero emissions, TSC gas stations has initiated transition of diverse energy supply plan. There are 69 battery exchange stations that comply with regulations to comprehensively provide electric scooter battery exchange services for Gogoro or KYMCO e-scooters. In addition, we also actively cooperate with electric vehicle charging operators and install a network of rapid charging piles for electric vehicles at the existing gas stations. TSC has launched its first rapid charging service station for electric vehicles on August 31, 2022 at TSC’s Zhongxing Gas Station located on Taiwan Provincial Highway No 9 in Huadong area, officially announcing that the new era of energy supply services at TSC gas station has started.

          TSC’s Zhongxing Gas Station cooperated with EVOASIS with the installation of charging stations. Nearly 30% of EVOASIS’s charging stations use renewable energy and green electricity, which allows car owners to charge the batteries with low-carbon and eco-friendly energy while achieving environmental sustainability. Besides Zhongxing Gas Station, there are 11 more gas stations that will be installed with the charging piles in 8 administrative districts, including Taichung City, Changhua County, Yunlin County, Chiayi County, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County and Taitung County. In addition to EVOASIS, other cooperative charging operators include North-Star (TAIL), Sun Green Energy Technology Co. and Yu.J. Energy (Yes Charging), providing multiple options to meet the needs of e-car owners.

Charity platform in the communities

          TSC gas stations have made long-term investment in public welfare activities, and we use the gas stations as a channel for people to do good deeds and provide a charity platform in the communities. Consumers with membership can get points after filling gas. The points gathered can either be used to exchange TSC merchandise or donate to charity groups to provide long-term and stable source of materials for the disadvantaged groups. In addition, the Petroleum Business Division also organizes events like Public Welfare Market from time to time or Donating Gas Filling Points for Gifts to encourage the public to join public welfare activities and form a virtuous circle in the society.

          When filling gas, consumers can donate their accumulated love points in the Village Warm Points Collect Card or the Love Point Collecting Card to remote villages or public welfare organizations, or just donate their digital points in the Taisugar Gas Station Cloud Membership App to designated organizations for them to exchange materials. In 2022, the points in the two point collecting cards have been used to exchange materials with the market price of over NTD 458,519, benefiting 7 villages and 9 social welfare organizations to exchange livelihood materials that can be used to take care of the disadvantaged.

Support local farmers

          To support farmers and local high-quality agricultural products, TSC purchased agricultural products from farmers’ association or agricultural units as gifts for customers filling gas for over a certain amount of money. By providing differentiated gifts to customers to increase the amount of gasoline consumption, we actually created a beneficial operating model to the farmers, consumers and TSC gas stations.

          In 2022, TSC purchased 25,200kg of Atemoya (a total of 33,600 Atemoya) during the Lunar New Year Festival and held the event, “Get one Atemoya for Filling NTD 500 of Gasoline”. In addition, we also purchased 1,800 boxes of pomelos as gifts (a total of 10,000 pomelos) during Moon Festival and held the “Members coming to the gas station to get good quality pomelos on Moon Festival”. It is hoped that these events can inspire other enterprises and companies to support the high-quality agricultural products in Taiwan.

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