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Human Resources

          Talent cultivation and improvement of organizational efficiency are the key points of TSC’s management innovation.

Human Resources - Management approach

Item Substance
Corresponding material topics
Labor/ Management Relations, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Cultivation of talents of the next generation and improvement of the overall operational management capabilities(Employment and Labor Relations)
  • Anticipation, prevention, compliance, implementation, systemization, self management, follow-up inspection,continuous improvement (Occupational Health and Safety)
Commitments and goals
  • Short-term goals (within 3 years):
  1. To implement the responsibility center system and practice goal management
  2. To check the contents of the job responsibilities and make plans for the company’s manpower needs in 5 years
  3. To create more diversified channels for talent acquisition and strengthen talent cultivation
  4. To promote engineering contract source management, build online operations of “engineering hazard assessment”, and specify that when proposing the project budget, an engineering hazard assessment form must be submitted, and the safety and health protection costs should be listed in accordance with the “engineering hazard assessment form” for further precautions to avoid listing in an irregular format
  5. Proactive performance target achievement rate: To have 100% compliance rate of regulations and other requirements as well as the improvement rate of deficiencies in safety and health inspections, and more than 98% of education and training participation rate
  6. Achievement rate of passive performance target: To have 100% completion rate of event investigations, and the Disabling Injury Frequency Rate and the Disabling Severity Rate to be the average value of the middle three years of the previous five years
  • Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
  1. To publicly and selectively recruit manpower to reinforce the core and to meet the needs for sustainable management operations
  2. To introduce contract professional managers and introduce professional advisors from different fields to provide professional advice
  3. To achieve the highest occupational safety and health goals of "zero disaster", "zero accident" and "zero injury" for TSC
Input resources
  • To foster the future talents for basic-, mid- and high-level executives through the reserve cadre plan to facilitate the succession. This plan is expected to be implemented in 2018~2022, with a budget of NTD 46.26 million
  • Set up Employee Welfare Committee and the Recreational Activities Promotion Committee to actively handle various sports, arts and cultural activities, and develop the cohesion and team spirit of the employees
  • In 2020, TSC’s education and training expenses were NTD 38,546 thousand
  • Invested NTD 2,162 thousand in occupational safety and health training
Management System and Action
  • Incorporate specific KPIs into the individual annual performance assessment as a measurement indicator and add the mechanism for assessment interview and counselling to assist employees to understand the functional items and work competence needed to be strengthened
  • Labor-management conferences, Organizational Rules for Employee Welfare Committee, Taiwan Sugar Corporation Complaint Investigation and Discipline Guidelines for Sex Harassment Prevention, Guideline of Grievance for TSC Staff, Working Rules for Practitioners, Guidelines for Employees’ General and Project Evaluation, training-related rules and regulations
  • Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS, OHSAS18001), Disasters Handling Guidelines, Guidelines for Disasters Emergency Response, Fire Safety Equipment Inspection and Guidelines for Maintenance and Report, Precautions for Diseases Caused by Abnormal Workloads,Precautions for Musculoskeletal Disorders Caused by Repetitive Tasks
Assessment management mechanism
Internal Control System, TSC Performance Assessment System, Corporate Sustainable Development Committee Work Plan and Implementation Review Meeting

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