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Social Inclusion

          TSC continues its commitment to social participation and actively holds public welfare activities to give back to the society. In addition, we also attach great importance to the regeneration of cultural assets, aiming at reshaping the sugar culture industry and boosting tourism to further facilitate local development.

Social Inclusion - Management approach

Item Substance
Corresponding material topics
Cultural Assets, Local Communities
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture’s promotion of “Cultural Assets Protection, Restoration, Management and Maintenance Project”, TSC promotes the utilization and development of the area of sugar refineries, shaping them into fields for cultural education and tourism to market the culture of sugar industry
  • Widening service items to meet social welfare needs (Local Communities)
Commitments and goals
  • Short-term goals (within 3 years):
  1. To combine with local government resources,interpret the cultural value, transformation and linking resources of the sugar refinery area, and develop a cultural and educational sightseeing
  2. To strengthen relations with neighboring communities, improve the well-being of the surrounding residents, and establish a good neighbor image
  • Medium and long-term goals (3 to 7 years):
  1. To integrate cultural assets, transform sugar refinery space into a cultural and creative base, providing employment opportunities and developing cultural and business opportunities with the local communities
  2. To make a commitment to continue to abide by the code of ethics, contribute to economic development, and improve the quality of life in the local community and society as the company's sustainable business objectives
Input resources
  • Allocated a budget of NTD 99,700 thousand for cultural asset management and maintenance in 2020, TSC conducts maintenance, planning and restoration of cultural assets of sugar industry and organizes cultural activities of the sugar industry
  • Developed the “Guidelines for developing neighborly relations by TSC” and allocated a budget of NTD 12 million in 2020 to assist local governments, student associations, associations and foundations in handling various activities
Management System and Action

Guidelines for Cultural Asset Management, Guidelines for Developing Neighborly Relations by TSC

Assessment management mechanism
Internal Control System, TSC Performance Assessment System, Corporate Sustainable Development Committee Work Plan and Implementation Review Meeting

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