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Outstanding Award of 2022 Food and Health Award

TSC’s brewing products entered Japan and was the only foreign brand to win the Outstanding Award

          TSC healthy instant cereal product line officially entered Japan and are marketed in channels like e-commerce and drug stores. TSC was the only non-Japanese brand that won the Outstanding Award in the 2022 Food and Health Award, and TSC cereals were displayed at the Japan Drugstore Show 2022, enabling the products made in Taiwan (MIT products) to increase brand awareness and Taisugar foods to shine in the Japan market.

          2022 Food and Health Award was organized by Japan Association of Chain Drug Stores (JACDS), aiming at creating food and health, and helping consumers choose excellent products and promote consumption. A total of 152 products were nominated in 2022, and only 52 of them were awarded. Despite fierce competition, three TSC's instant cereals, adzuki bean with black glutinous rice and quinoa, mung bean with brown job's tears and tremella, and soybean milk & oats powder, were favored by the judges. TSC was the only non-Japanese brand to win the prize. The cereals were displayed at the Japan Drugstore Show 2022 (food and health zone) at Tokyo Big Sight, starting from 19th to 21st in August, 2022.

          The reason for TSC healthy instant cereal product line to win the award, according to the judges, was that it is made from tremella, mung beans, adzuki beans, brown job's tears, and quinoa based on the concept of Taiwanese health preservation. The steam cooking process keeps the ingredients’ authentic flavor and nutrition and makes the cereal products taste silky and easy to drink. The Cereal products contain plenty of plant fiber which make them excellent choices of more feelings of fullness for those who pay attention to calorie intake. Also, they can be an easy breakfast option for morning rush.

          There have been 9 items of TSC's instant cereal products and dietary supplements sold on the TW Direct of Rakuten Japan Online since March, 2022. Local consumers order online and then the products will be directly shipped from Taiwan. In June, TSC further cooperated with Hojia Market to launch TSC products at Don Don Donki, Asia Superstore, and Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi stores, and the first order was a total of 240 boxes of instant cereals of the 3 awarded items, Premium ginger tea, Black sesame mixed, and Almond mixed. The award greatly raises TSC brand awareness. It helps the Company go deeper into Japanese market for sustained sales performance, draws Japanese consumer attention to MIT products, as well as offers local consumers diversified product choices.

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