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S ProFishlove Ecolabel

Taisugar Canned Mackerel is Taiwan’s sustainable seafood that has obtained the ProFishlove Ecolabel.

          Taisugar Canned Mackerel is manufactured by Long Yuh Enterprise Co., Ltd., which has obtained the Chain of Custody Certification of the ProFishlove Ecolabel. The Company’s certified OEM products include Taisugar Mackerel in Tomato Sauce (Yellow can), Taisugar Mackerel in Tomato Sauce (Red can), Taiwan Sugar Mackerel in Tomato Sauce (Nan Fang Ao Mackerel), and Taisugar Tuna in Brine. We provide certified sustainable seafood in Taiwan to enable the public to enjoy fresh aquatic products while taking into account the vision of maintaining marine ecology. This also shows TSC’s support and attention to marine conservation and protection of local fishery resources.

          ProFishlove Ecolabel is Taiwan’s first sustainable seafood label jointly promoted by the Taiwan Fisheries Agency of COA and the Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fisheries Sustainability Foundation. The evaluation criteria referred to the guidelines published by Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA) in 2009, focusing on the four major areas, including “Ensuring the sustainability of fish stocks”, “Protecting the ocean environment”, “Effective fisheries management”, and “Corporate social responsibility”; those with the total score reaching 65 points and above are granted the “Gold” Label, those with 50-64 points are granted the “Friendly” Label, and for those under 50 points, there is another fishery improvement guidance mechanism. It is hoped that through the label system, the marine ecosystem can be preserved and safeguarded, and Taiwan’s ocean environment can be protected so as to create a win-win situation for marine conservation and fishery sustainability.

          “Taisugar Tuna in Brine” is guaranteed to have no food additives and it is sustainable seafood that has obtained the Double Clean Label and the ProFishlove Ecolabel. Therefore, Taiwan Ocean Conservation and Fisheries Sustainability Foundation purchased 135 boxes of “Taisugar Tuna in Brine” and joined hands with the Council of Agriculture and co-organized the Zero Hunger Event and distributed the canned tuna to people financially impacted by the pandemic and the disadvantaged groups on June 6, 2022 to take care of those who need food and nutrition and implemented care for zero hunger in Taiwan.

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