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Childhood Education Center

          To encourage childbirth among the employees and realize a friendly workplace, respond to the public preschool services promoted by the government, and strengthen the workplace childcare facilities to enable our employees to take care of their families while working, TSC conducted a survey on the childcare needs among the employees. We will step toward the goal of setting up childcare facilities in the workplace to provide high-quality, affordable, and professional childcare services and create a friendly childcare environment.

          The preparation and planning of the preschool center started in 2020. Under the guidance and assistance from the K-12 Education Administration of Ministry of Education and Tainan City Government, the process of site selection, building renovation, purchase of teaching equipment, and even the filing of permits took 2 years to complete, and the preschool was finally officially open in August, 2022. It is operated by the Taiwan Public Childcare Association and is equipped with professional education and childcare service personnel. The children and grandchildren of TSC employees are the first groups to be enrolled, followed by children from disadvantaged families and children in the neighboring communities. In accordance with the Implementation Measures of Workplace Mutual Aid Preschool Services, parents are charged with flat rates (no registration fee). The childcare fee is NTD 2,000 for the first child, NTD 1,000 for the second child, and no charge for the third child of a family. It is also free of charge for those from low-income and lower-middle income households. The fees include the courses, meals, and teaching materials.

          As a food manufacturer, TSC also includes food and farming education into the curriculum in education. For the design of the meals, most of the meals are whole foods treated in accordance with the principles of steaming, baking, less oil and less salt to enable children to be exposed to different texture and original taste of different foods. On special folk festivals or holidays, the children will be encouraged to prepare the food together for the occasion so that they can observe the original state of the food, such as making the glutinous rice balls on winter solstice and rice balls for the grandparents, incorporating life experience into the courses. 

          Employees are the Company’s assets. In addition to establishing the preschool center to take care of the employees’ childcare demands for their children and grandchildren so that our employees can strike a balance between work and family. In addition, this childcare center is also open to the neighboring areas and children from disadvantaged families to provide neighborly benefits while also implementing the government’s public preschool services policy so as to allow young people to be willing to, dare to, and happy to raise children.

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