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Internal Control Management

          In order to strengthen corporate governance and promote the Company’s sound operations, TSC has developed “The Internal Control System of TSC”, the document regarding “the Responsibility of the Board of Directors and Managers” as well as complete documents regarding internal control system, which can be followed by all units. To make timely response to the changes in the internal and external environment of the Company and ensure the continuous effectiveness of the design and implementation of the internal control system, a new internal control system document was added, 32 were revised, and 20 were abolished in 2022. The implementation of the internal control system is also included in the annual performance assessment to promote the self-management and implement self-monitoring mechanism by all units.

          In accordance with the "Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies" revised and promulgated by the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Executive Yuan, we formulated the “Guidelines for Internal Audit Practices" to specify the professional ethics, responsibilities and operating procedures for the internal audit staff. The Inspection Office of the BOD has completed the on-site audit of the 22 internal units in accordance with the 2022 internal audit plan, and special project audit of related business was also conducted. The unit audited will be notified to make improvement within a specified time limit, and the results are also submitted to each independent director for review. In addition, to strengthen the communication and contact with the board of directors, the Chief Auditor shall attend the board meeting to report the audit business.

Elimination of Malpractice and Whistle blower Protection Policy

          All TSC employees abide by the “Ministry of Economics Employee Integrity and Ethics Rules” to facilitate integrity governance. We have developed “Codes of Ethical Conduct of TSC”, which applies to TSC personnel, including directors (including independent directors) and managers (including the president, vice presidents and directors of various units). In addition, “Employees Normal-Time and Project Evaluation Guidelines”, “Working Rules for Practitioners”, “Service Guidelines for Practitioner” and “Practice Guidelines for Corporate Governance” are stipulated. We allow practitioners to understand the company's code of conduct by the internal network, posting propaganda of laws and implementing education and training. Reports of corruption cases are handled by the independent ethics personnel of each unit or designated personnel assigned by the unit. In addition, there are designated phoneline, mailbox, fax number, and email address set up to provide channels for reporting.

          We ensure the confidentiality of reported cases to encourage our employees or the public to report on illegality or violations so as to prevent malpractice and urge relevant units to make improvement in a timely manner. TSC has established the Key Points for the Implementation of Confidentiality of Whistleblowing Cases in the internal control system in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, the Anti-Corruption Informant Rewards and Protection Regulation, Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies, and TSC’s Code of Ethical Conduct, which serve as the basis for the establishment of an operation process for each unit to handle whistleblowing cases with the principles of confidentiality, legality, rationality, promptness, certainty, and prudence.

          The Company regularly reviews anti-corruption risks to promote what is beneficial and abolish what is harmful. The Headquarters and various units under it held a total of 16 integrity reports in 2022. In addition, an ethics unit was established in accordance with the “Act of the Establishment and Management of the Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers” while various reporting channels, such as fax, a dedicated mail box for reporting and reporting hotline were also established for the public to report or make grievance, and the above information will be disclosed in the bidding notice and the official website of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. 

Anti-corruption Risk Assessment and Education

          In 2022, Department of Ethics organized a total of 30 sessions of anti-corruption advocacy exercises. The number of employees participated totaled 2,082 employees. The number of participating middle and senior executives was 46, accounting for 61.3% of the overall senior executives, and the number of other participating employees was 2,036. The contents of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), Integrity Management, Integrity and Ethics Directions, Act on Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest are advocated to enhance the employees’ awareness of integrity and rule of law to prevent the occurrence of corruption.

          In addition, the monthly anti-corruption e-magazine for Integrity at TSC is sent to all employees via email. The contents include publicity of rule of law, Ethics Guidelines for Employees Belonging to Ministry of Economic Affairs, Maintenance of Official Secrets Advocacy, Consumer Protection Advocacy, and Anti-fraud Advocacy to help the employees establish the correct legal understanding. Currently, the anti-corruption policy communication has been 100% implemented among employees.

In 2022, anti-corruption training and policy communication were not conducted for TSC board members. It will be planned in the future to implement the Company’s concept of integrity management.

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