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Promotion of Renewable Energy

          TSC actively works in line with the government’s policies for energy transition and circular economy. Under the consideration of the feasibility criteria for technology, economy, and environment protection as well as carbon reduction, the two technologies of solar photovoltaic and biogas power generation were adopted and actively promoted. After the announcement of the government’s Taiwan Net-Zero Emissions by 2050, TSC’s development of the two technologies are still applicable. The results of the two technologies are as follows.

Solar Power Generation Project

          TSC takes inventory of building roofs, low-fertility agricultural land, idle land in closed factories, and detention pounds for the installation of rooftop, ground-mounted and floating solar PV energy generation equipment to make full use of the value of space while reducing fossil fuels and environmental pollution. In addition, the investment operations are handled in a fair, just, and open manner. The manufacturers install, maintain and lease the rooftop solar power generation equipment on small-area land to TSC to speed up the development. In 2022, a total capacity of 334.05 MW of solar photovoltaic facilities have been constructed, including 14.76 MW of rooftop equipment, 99.95MW of floating PV energy generation equipment (detention ponds) and 219.34MW of ground-mounted (including low-fertility agricultural land). The power generation benefits in the past three years are as follows.

Use the waste agricultural resources to generate power to step toward green independence

          TSC uses bagasse, manure and urine from animal husbandry, and agricultural waste resources with biomass potential for renewable energy and power generation. In 2022, the total biogas power generation (excluding REC) and power generation using agricultural waste resources amounted to 13.14 million kWh.

          TSC owns many pig farms. Starting from 2012, TSC has been invested in the development of technologies related to biogas utilization and made use of anaerobic digestion method for the pig manure and urine to generate biogas for power generation. Biogas power generation equipment has been installed in livestock farms in Haipu, Silin, Liukuaicuo, First and Second of Daxiangying Livestock Farm, and Nanjin Livestock Farm. In 2018, our First Livestock Farm in Da Xiang Yin in Pingtung became the first domestic REC certificate provider in the biomass power generation category. As of 2022, our Da Xiang Yin and Silin Livestock Farms have produced 199 certificates of biomass renewable energy for taking advantage of biogas power generation. Since 2016, to respond to circular economy, improve the environment of livestock farms and for sustainable management, TSC has fully promoted the transformation of livestock farms. The renovation of the Dong Hai Feng Livestock Farm was planned with an investment of NTD 688 million to construct the Dong Hai Feng Agricultural Circulation Park with the 460 KW biogas power generation equipment which was completed in 2020. Based on this experience, TSC continued the renovation projects for its other 13 pig farms. The estimated capacity of the biogas power generation equipment upon completion will be 1,200KW.

          Currently the bagasse from the sugar factories is sent to direct-fired boilers as a fuel for cogeneration, and the annual power generation reaches approximately 13 million kWh. However, the boilers are old, and the power generation efficiency cannot reach the threshold of 25%, it cannot obtain the renewable energy certificates (REC) but only be used for self-use at TSC for sugar production. Recently, the Bureau of Energy officially has set the Feed-in Tariffs of agricultural waste power generation at NTD 5.1407/kWh. The boiler renewal project of the sugar factories has drawn attention. Private manufacturers proposed the introduction of new technology to replace the agricultural waste power generation model with year-round operation. In addition to the source of bagasse, local agricultural waste and thinning materials are also treated at the same time to provide steam and electricity needed during the sugar factory operation period and otherwise for power generation to achieve the advantages of negative carbon and carbon trading, which has indicative significance for the high-efficiency operation and cost reduction of sugar factories.

TSC promotes the emerging green energy businesses

          As a state-owned enterprise, TSC responds to the government’s 5+2 Policy and the global trend based on its corporate social responsibility to actively promote the energy and resource utilization of biomass waste. In addition to the reuse of pig manure and urine from the farm, we even made investment in the establishment of a biogas energy service company to promote the local biogas energy development.

          Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. made assessment and intended to introduce biogas technology to develop in Taiwan. After learning that TSC has accumulated quite a lot of experience and performance in the biogas power generation over the years, Tung Ho Steel sought to cooperate with TSC. After assessing the feasibility and careful review, this cooperation project is believed to align with the government policy and the Company’s development direction. What is more, through the cooperation, the professional technologies, manpower and the funds can be combined in the investment in the biomass energy development to create new green energy business and improve the quality of the environment in Taiwan. In addition, the operation of a private company can be more flexible and efficient, which is beneficial to the implementation and promotion of the industrial development. Therefore, TSC jointly established Tung Sugar Energy Service Co., Ltd with Tung Ho Steel, Katec R&D Corp., and Far East Steel. The investment project was approved by the Executive Yuan in June, 2020, and the construction of the first site was commenced in August, 2021, aiming at achieving zero waste and sustainable management.

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