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Major economic construction land

          Work in line with the government’s needs for public policy and provide land for major economic construction in 2022

  1. County and City Governments plan to develop 7 industrial parks and plan to use 646.34 hectares of land from TSC. In response to the return of Taiwanese businessmen from abroad, the Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA actively selected 9 locations for the development of industrial parks. A total of 849.37 hectares of area is scheduled to be developed, which can provide an area of 575.34 hectares of industrial land.
  2. For the purpose of flood control needs, 11 detention ponds are planned, and it is planned to use a total of 266.56 hectares of land from TSC.
  3. The Export Processing Zone Administration actively surveyed and selected about 26.86 hectares of land in Liukuaicuo Farm for the expansion of Pingtung Export Processing Zone.
  4. Land for the STSP Kaohsiung Second Science Park (237.97 hectares), STSP Chiayi Science Park (87.95 hectares), STSP Pingtung Science Park (73.83 hectares) and land expansion area for STSP Tainan Science Park (81.16 hectares), altogether would use a total of 480.91 hectares of land from TSC.
  5. Land expropriated and sold to government agencies for projects amounted to a total area of 29.98 hectares, including the land north of Gangshan and Qiaotou sewage treatment plant, subgrade and road widening project at 346K+600~350K+300 of Provincial Highway 1, and Chaozhou Artificial Lake.
  6. TSC cooperated with the land demands of government agencies or state-run enterprises and provided land with a total of 1,501.04 hectares for the Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park, the Yujing Agricultural Product Processing and Cold Chain Logistic Center of Tainan City Government, social housing, long-term care institutions, detention pond treatment projects, distributing reservoir of water purification plants, and roads.
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