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Parking lot development plan

          Among the land leased within the jurisdiction of all operation branches, many lessees have changed the leased land into parking lots for operation. This shows that among the land assets owned by TSC, some can be used for parking lot operation. According to the self-investigation report by the Kaohsiung Operation Branch, there are a total of 88 parking lots with an area of approximately 24 hectares.

          The main business of Kaohsiung Branch is the logistics and parking lot industry. Its Parking Lot Management Section is in charge of the management of the three large car parks (Kaohsiung, Zhongan and Mingzheng) and two small car parks (Wanhua, Chiayi Taibao). Kaohsiung Branch is gradually moving toward the development of the “Parking Lot Operation Center”. When the land lease expires, TSC will consider to gradually integrate the lots suitable for parking lot business into the overall operation of Kaohsiung Branch and expand the scale of the parking lot operation to exert the operational synergy.

          The development of parking lots involves the conditions of the land itself, the restrictions of the government regulations, and the interference of the local opinion. In addition, TSC is a state-run enterprise. All the development process shall comply with procurement laws and regulations. Due to the above-mentioned factors, it would take a lot longer for the development. Therefore, TSC tends to adopt the model in which investment and construction are conducted by manufacturers and operation is entrusted. In terms of management, with the flexibility of operation by private companies, many restrictions and interference of laws and regulations can be avoided, and the land can also be fully utilized.

          Kaohsiung Branch will expand new bases from the existing parking lots and look for areas with parking needs in the community alleys and near the HSR station. Dinghong Parking Lot (about 27 parking spaces, with an area of about 0.09 hectare), two small parking lots in Wudong (113 parking spaces, with an area of about 0.33 hectares) developed in 2021 started their operation in June, 2022, providing 140 parking spaces for small vehicles in total.

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