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Preservation of Sugar Industry Culture

Repair of Japanese Style Houses and Industrial Facilities

          During the Japanese Colonial Period, wooden structures and the industrial facilities in sugar factories had their own styles. These structures not only witnessed the process and transformation of the sugar industry but are also unique historical landscape and a symbol of memories, and is a rare and precious cultural asset. TSC continues to cooperate with the cultural institutions of the government, applies for subsidy projects for the preservation, restoration, management, and maintenance of cultural assets to accelerate the restoration and reuse of idle factory areas so as to achieve sustainable development of industrial heritage.

          In 2022, the ongoing projects include:

  • Planning and design of Yuemei Factory’s historical building “Sugar Workshop of Yuemei Sugar Factory”
  • The renovation project of 4 sugar warehouses in Yuemei Sugar Factory
  • Restoration project for 6 cultural landscape structures in Douliu Sugar Factory.
  • Planning and Design of the Restoration of the Depot of Steam Locomotive in Beigang Sugar Factory.
  • Planning and Design of the Restoration Sugar-Making Workshop in Beigang Sugar Factory.
  • The planning and design of the 1st Guest House and the factory director’s dormitory in Huwei Sugar Factory.
  • The restoration project of the old clinic and barbershop in Huwei Sugar Factory.
  • Wooden dormitory area in Suantou Sugar Factory- the restoration project of Western style dormitory (Gantang)
  • The restoration project of the headquarters office of Ensuiko Sugar Factory Co., Ltd. in Xinying
  • Restoration and Reutilization Project of the Original Plastic Factory Office and Staff Canteen in Xinying Sugar Factory.
  • Planning and Design of the Qiaotou Security Unit in Kaohsiung Sugar Factory.

          After the facilities are restored, investment promotion will be planned for art and cultural, commercial, accommodation experience, cultural relics exhibitions and film shooting activities, turning the facilities into elements for cultural and creative industry and enhancing the value of the sugar industry’s cultural assets.

Heritage Preservation and Activation of Sugar Railways

          Sugar Train Culture has been regarded as an important cultural asset by the government. It witnessed the live history of the development of local industries and is also a resource for future tourism development. Therefore, there is a need to repair it for good preservation. Promotion of relevant plans as of 2022:

Project Content
Execution Status
Repair and maintenance of Sugar Train Station with historical value
In the period of 2019-2021, investments would be made in “Restoration Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantou Sugar Factory”.
The planning and design of the Restoration Plan and Project of Wufen Station of Suantou Sugar Factory was completed in 2020. The construction of the Restoration Plan was completed in the end of November, 2021.
Repair and restore sugar trains with characteristics
In 2020, the restored SL370 Steam Locomotive started to resume its service in the Wushulin Sugar Railway Cultural Park, reappearing the magnificence of sugar train culture.
The restoration completed in mid-2022, and it will provide visitors with charter experience and also serves as a dynamic display in cultural festival events.
Training for driving and maintenance techniques for internal combustion and steam locomotives
In 2021, the Department of Land Development of the Headquarters organized the training courses for driving internal combustion engine train for new drivers, practical class for mechanical affairs and maintenance and engineering works of railway dedicated for sugar train, and on-the-job training course for railway operators.
The training courses have been completed in 2021, and the professional knowledge and practical experience of the sugar train conductor was also increased.
Cooperation with the Policy for Survey on Sugar Railway Routes and National Greenway
Take inventory of sugar railway routes and national greenway.
Suitable sections were chosen from Cultural Heritage’s sugar railway routes, and it was decided by the National Development Council in Jan. 2021 that the Changhua Section (Xihu Sugar Refinery to Mingdao University) and the Tainan Section (Annei Sugar Factory to Wushulin Sugar Factory) are the National Greenway of Sugar Railway. This project is outsourced by the county and city governments and is expected to complete by the end of 2022.
Sugar Train Extension to HSR Chiayi Station and the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum
To connect the surrounding attractions and boost local tourism development, the first phase of the project is to extend the sugar train to east southwards by 1.41 km from Suantou Sugar Factory to HSR Chiayi Station; At Phase 1.5, the sugar train will be extended to west southwards by 1.49 km from Suantou Sugar Factory to the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum.
To cooperate with the policy and boost local tourism industry, the Phase 1 sugar train extension project is expected to be completed and commence in Oct. 2022, and Phase 1.5 project is expected to be completed for commence in Oct. 2023.

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