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Cultural tourism and promotional activities

          To revitalize the sugar industry culture, TSC organizes a series of events at different sugar factories from time to time. The events are combined with local agricultural specialties & cultural and environmental characteristic to promote art and cultural tourism. Events held in 2022 include the followings.

Wushulin Recreational Park- Little Sugar Railway Heroes Experience Camp

          On APR/9/2022, the Take Your Time Kids Market was held, providing activities of themed kids market, balloon folding, DuDu Pink Music House and so on. In addition, the featured event in Wushulin Recreational Park, “Little Sugar Railway Heroes Experience Camp” was also organized.

Qiaotou Sugar Factory- the Strolling in Autumn- Sugar Railway Forest Festival

          On OCT/22-23/2022 and NOV/5-6/2022, the Strolling in Autumn- Sugar Railway Forest Festival was held, providing activities of “Railway guide training”, “Sugar train returning home”, “Sweet and sour memories of driving a train- story sharing by railway drivers”, “Sugarcane delicacies”, “Sugar railway forest market”, “Sugar train artists”, and “Stamp collecting activity”. The special restoration completion and prayer ceremony of the 120-year-old Black Guanyin Statue was also organized to celebrate the first restoration project of the holy statue, which shows its original bronze luster after the restoration.

The Old Sugar Factories turn into Tourist Parks

          In the past, except for the use of transporting sugar during sugar production period, part of the routes ran through areas with dense population and rich products, contributing to the social economy prosperity of the local areas. At that time, most people made use of the sugar railway to commute to work or school. The "North-South Parallel Preparatory Line" connecting the various sugar train routes has its special nature of national defense. Although the sugar railway is not as busy as it used to be, its historical, industrial and cultural value remains unchanged.

          To combine sugar industry culture with leisure and tourism industry, TSC has chosen 5 old sugar factories and turned them into tourism sugar train parks.

Xihu Sugar Railway Cultural Park

          The Xihu Sugar Railway Cultural Park retains the complete factory buildings, sugar making machines, locomotives carrying sugarcanes, sugar train station and the railway track textures. Currently the sugar train tourism route is from Xihu Station to Caopu Station, with a round trip of 4.26 km and the whole route takes 35 minutes.

Suantou Zhecheng Cultural Park

          The sugar train in Suantou Zhecheng Cultural Park (Suantou Sugar Factory)  departs from the century-old sugar train station in the factory and runs toward Taibao and Nanjing. It can be connected to the HSR Chiayi Station from OCT/8/2022.

Wushulin Recreational Park

          The sugar train in Wushulin Recreational Park has resumed its operation since 2001. The park still keeps the original style of the sugar railway. Inside the antique sugar railway construction, a dynamic space for sugar production is created and the locomotives and train cars of different times are also stored here.

Xinyin Sugar Railway Cultural Park

          The first sugar railway business line is inside the Xinying Sugar Railway Cultural Park. Many sugar train cars and locomotives for business use are reserved in the factory area. A variety of small diesel locomotives are stored in the internal combustion engine depot. Currently, the Sugar Train route is between Chongshin Station and Xinying Station, and the distance is about 1 km, and the whole journey takes 10 minutes.

Taiwan Sugar Museum (Qiaotou Sugar Refinery)

          The tourism sugar train route that runs within the Taiwan Sugar Museum (Qiaotou Sugar Refinery) departs from the TSC Kaohsiung Flower Farm Garden Center and the terminal station is the Kaohsiung MRT No.3 Exit Qiaotou Sugar Refinery Station, a small railway station combined with the MRT.

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