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High-quality health food

Non-GMO food

          The production of indigenous soybeans in Taiwan is scarce, and most of the soybeans in Taiwan depend on imports, and the proportion of genetically modified soybeans is as high as 90% and above. Taiwan’s indigenous non-GMO soybeans plantation area passed SGS 381 items and Paraquat of pesticide residues test. The decrease in the plantation area in 2022 was mainly because of the decrease in market demands and also partly because that the cooperation model of right to harvest was changed to general farmland leasing for the cultivation of other crops.

          In 2022, the plantation area has 19.57 hectares, greatly reduced from 83.29 hectares in 2021. 

Health Care Products

In 2022, we implemented the concept of circular economy and   used the “fish scales ( fish by-products ) ” as the raw material to extract   collagen and added the ingredient N-Acetyl Glucosamine ( NAG ) great  for skin care in the newly launched health care product “Beauty Collagen  Jelly”, which is delicious and has no burden while taking care of the

consumers’ health and beauty.

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