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Proper Treatment of Waste

          Based on the consideration of cherishing natural resources and reducing the environmental impact, TSC actively promotes a green value chain so that the stages of birth, growth, decline and abandonment of a product can be completed under the conditions of consuming the least resources possible in the most eco-friendly way.

Reduction of Waste Generation

          In 2022, the process waste reduction measures were implemented, and the proportion of waste recycling reached 99.11%, an increase of 6.4% compared with 2021. This was mainly because of the termination of incineration plant operation business, leading to significant reduction in non-resource waste, leading to the increase in recycling proportion. This shows TSC’s determination to reach the recycling, stabilization, detoxification, and economization of waste.

Waste Management

          In 2022, the amount of waste handled included 1,722.62 tonnes for landfill, 1.73 tonnes for incineration, 192,006.60 tonnes for recycled waste.In 2022, the waste disposal amount decreased by 21.56% compared with 2021.

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