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Safe Working Environment

          To reduce occupational safety risks, the company has formulated corresponding operation management process, adopted appropriate preventative measures and implemented necessary control methods for various business. In addition, through training, advocacy, drills and inspections, hazard identification continues to be carried out to control risks within an acceptable level and positively creates a safe working environment.

Equipment Safety Management

          TSC classifies risks based on the contents of the equipment and operating conditions, formulates the procedures of equipment safety management and plans a plant maintenance and service system based on critical levels. Detailed inspections are planned for dangerous equipment to ensure safe operation of the equipment. During the use of dangerous equipment, automatic inspections, key inspections, operating inspections shall be carried out according to laws. In addition, regular inspections shall be carried out by labor inspection agencies within the statutory period.

          For hazardous gas and chemical supply systems, toxic gas monitoring systems, process exhaust gas treatment systems, there are regular inspections and maintenance procedures in place. In the area of equipment, safety management methods are proposed in response to the safety needs of people, incidents, places and objects and they are controlled by standard operating procedures.

Emergency Response Management

          Taiwan Sugar Corporation has also developed various types of emergency response plans for various situations, such as natural disasters, chemical spills and hypoxia operations and established an emergency reporting system based on the internal control system of Disasters Handling Guidelines, Guidelines for Disasters Emergency Response and TSC Operation Guidelines for Various Disasters and Emergency Incident Reporting to achieve the purpose of preventing fires, earthquakes and other disasters to ensure the safety of lives.

          Each unit has developed the “Fire Protection Plan”. The employees are organized into teams for fire protection. Through the education and training of disaster prevention and response (including reporting, fire extinguishing, evacuation guiding, safe protection and rescue courses) , it is hoped that emergency evacuation and response can be carried out in a safe and fast manner in case of a fire; In addition, to establish the correct concept of earthquake prevention for all employees and to equip them with the capabilities for emergency evacuation and responses in the early stage of earthquake, the disaster prevention education and publicity are promoted for the units and departments within its jurisdiction. In 2022, we cooperated with the National Disaster Prevention Day and organized earthquake disaster prevention education and emergency evacuation drills. We organized 115 sessions in total and 3,150 participants attended the training and drills.

Education and training of occupational safety and zero accident

          TSC has developed the annual training program to ensure the industrial safety of the laborers based on the "Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules". Besides, to increase the knowledge and management ability of the persons in charge of workplaces in occupational safety and health, letters are sent to the persons in charge who have not yet received the training to require them to participate in the “Occupational Safety and Health Training” they need.

          Before the newly employed or transferred personnel commence their work, each unit must provide training to them based on the nature of their business and work requirements and keep records of the training for review. In 2022, a total of 12 sessions of occupational safety and health-related education and training were conducted, and 789 people were trained.

          To deepen the employees’ occupational safety awareness and strengthen their hazard identification before work, 16 units organized “danger prediction training for zero disaster” and “traffic safety promotion activity” in 2022, with 1,037 participants in total, and the performance was included in the annual assessment to encourage all units to organize such training and activity.

Establishment of Safety and Health Family

          TSC’s Jianshanpi Resort in Liuying is the first Safety and Health Family (“All for You Safety and Health Family”) in Tainan and the whole country focusing on the service industry, sparing no efforts in the promotion of the occupational safety and health in the workplace. For every project and repair operation and various daily operations of all departments, the hazard assessment shall be conducted in advance to find out the hazard point to plan safety maintenance equipment. The responsible persons of the contractors are gathered to be notified of the hazards and required to implement the requirements, and penalties or suspension of work will be imposed if relevant regulations are violated. In 2022, it was awarded the “Occupational Safety and Health Promotion Unit Award in 2022” by the Labor Affairs Bureau, this was the third time to get this award after 2020 and 2021, which was quite an achievement.

          TSC’s Xiaogang Factory of the Sugar Business Division established the TSC Xiaogang Safety and Health Family in 2021 with the factory as the core enterprise, and the whole family is composed of 20 members. To enable the member suppliers and contractors to effectively understand the safety and health related laws and regulations and the responsibility the supervisors at every level shall take, we worked with Labor Standards Inspection Office, Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government and the Southern District Labor Health Service Center to organize safety and health related education and training as well as publicity activities on September 16, 2021, and invited all family members to participate.

          To assist business units to promote occupational safety, the Yunlin County Government invited TSC’s Huwei Sugar Factory to call on more than 20 cooperating manufacturers to jointly establish the Huwei Sugar Factory Safety and Health Family to work together for safety in the workplace. The inaugural ceremony was held on December 6, 2022 in conjunction with the annual sugar production commencement ceremony of Huwei Sugar Factory, which has hundred-year sugar production history. The Deputy Magistrate of Yunlin County Government, Ms. Xie, Shu-ya and the Factory Director of Huwei Sugar Factory, Mr. Kin, Ming-feng, jointly singed the safety and health agreement. Deputy Magistrate Xie also awarded the signature banner and certificate of core enterprise to jointly declare the promotion of safety in the workplace. Through the communication platform, the Safety and Health family shared industrial safety experience, and knowledge of group safety and health is also provided to assist other factories to improve their management of safety and health. With the professional safety and health guidance, the safety and health lectures for operators, hazard identification and assessment, mutual inspection and observations of factories, preparation of project planning documents, risk evaluation and training and so on are provided to increase the safety awareness, hazard identification, and independent safety management capabilities of small and medium-sized business units, thereby reducing the occurrence of occupational accidents and improving a safe and health working environment.

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